Light Feather
Background information
Creator Paradise of the RainWings and NightWings
Main Attribute Loyalty
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Color Aqua
Theme Animal Swan
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality INFJ
Character information
Age 8 (dragon years) 16 (human years)
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Tribe TempestWings
Goal to become a Medic for the TemptestWing Military
Residence Saltwind
Relatives mother, unknown father
Allies her mother and her friends
Enemies none, she is a very friendly dragonet
Likes Swimming, Running, Climbing (closest she can get to flying) and Lighting storms
Dislikes The fact that she cant fly, being left alone and eels (their the only thing wrong with the ocean in her eyes)
Powers and abilities Spark powers and abilitys, normal TemptesWings powers and abilitys and her excellent swimming abilitys
Weapons a small pocket knife she carries in case someone corners her
Ships none as of yet (you never know)
Quote "Get that away from me"*when seeing a eel*

Light Feather's creator is Paradise of the RainWings and NightWings, so please ask me if you want to use her in your fanfictions.

Coding by Searing

"I get it I look diffrent but that does not make me pretty"
~Light Feather


Light Feather has been described as pretty to her own despise she thinks she appears as pretty because she looks different, but even though that is part of it she is a very pretty dragonet her mother believes she could become a modal one day. Light Feather is a spark meaning she has feathered wings which are usually a light beige but she has started to dye them strange colors and patterns which she changes frequently but her favorite is a blue striped pattern on bleached white feathers. Light Feather's scales are white with light beige under scales much like her wings making her different from most TemptestWings who's scales are very dark unlike her. She has bright blue eyes that glow in the dark like most TemptestWings, a blue stripe running down her body like a normal TemptestWing and has very thin weak wings resulting in her inability to have powered flight like most dragons.

"I am a very friendly dragon I have lots of friends"
~Light Feather


Light Feather is a very friendly and social dragonet she can make friends with almost everyone and is always desperate for social interaction because when she was really little her father left and never came back resulting in her being desperate for friends in hope they could fill the hole that her father left empty. She is very calm and always willing to help others and is extremely loyal to her friends, she is very smart and a straight A student, she hopes to one day be a Medic for the TemptesWing Military but worry's that she wont be able to because of her useless wings.

"An only child who's dad didn't think was good enough to stick around, nothing new"
~Light Feather


Light Feather's life began on the day her father left, and that all she knows about him that he left the day she hatched, Light Feather tried asking her mum about him but she wont tell her maybe one day. Light Feather grew up a only child but had many friends throughout her life. When she turned two her mother tried to teach her how to fly but Light feather couldn't do anything other than gliding to break her fall, Light Feather and her mother went to a doctor to see what was wrong and discovered that Light Feather was missing the necessary muscles for powered flight so Light Feather will never be able to fly but can still move her wings around like a normal dragon, because of her inability to fly Light Feather's mother singed her up for spark lessons using most of her money to hire the best teacher for Light Feather so that she would not feel left out, Light Feather to help her mother pay for the lessons took up hunting she had a disadvantage but in the water Light Feather found that her normally useless wings could power her through the water so Light Feather started hunting in the ocean Light Feather grew to love the water and spent most of her time in the ocean and only going on land to sleep, take her lessons and hang out with friends when Light Feather turned six she stopped taking spark lessons and spent most of her time trying to become a better hunter she was already really good but with the extra training and focus she has become one of the best aquatic hunters she still has a secret dream to become a medic but doubts that it will ever happen, now she just hangs out with her many friends and watches them do crazy stunts and still works on her aquatic hunting skills.

"For some reason most dragons I come across stick around"
~Light Feather


Mother- Light Feather and her mother have a great relationship they are both there to support each other and have always been there for each other (think of Lorelai and Rory(if you get that reference you are my best friend))

Father- Light Feather does not know who her father is or where he is or what he's like all she knows is that he left the day she hatched

add your oc here if you want them to be friends with Light Feather or if you got the reference.

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