Leopard belongs to Queen Bluefire. Please Do Not Steal.


Leopard's scales are most often orange, with darker orange ruff and spines. Her underbelly is pale,and the black line that runs beside it is black. Her horns/eye ridge/spots/nose are all black. Her wing membranes are a yellow-orange, and her eyes are hazel.Leopard is small, with huge, oversized wings that prevent her from flying. She wears a small pouch round her neck with a blow pipeĀ in it, plus some darts.


Leopard is a friendly, caring dragon. She is quite sensitive, but instead of getting mad or upset she bottles it up. Since the other RainWings discouraged their dragonets from making friends with her, she has never had friends before and is not quite sure how to act around them.

Leopard will always forgive, and doesn't like holding grudges, although she has never quite forgiven Flytrap for the time she put monkey dung in her hammock...

She is shy, as well, and prefers to listen instead of talk. Leopard is also very good at comforting and listening to others problems. She likes to help others,


Leoparad has the normal RainWing abilities,

  • Camofladge
  • Venom

Leopard can't fly, due to her oversized wings.


Leopard was hatched in the third hatchery. Like most RainWings, she had no known parents as such, but was cared for be Leaflitter, a retired healer. From hatching, it was evident that this dragonet couldn't fly- her wings were simply to big.

While missing out on flying classes, Leopard became very good at camouflage and other RainWing abilities and skills.




Leopard doesn't know her parents, like all RainWings of her age. However, she regards Leaflitter as a father-figure, because he's the only one who really likes her. She doesn't know it, but her mother is called Panther, and father Acid.

She is distantly related to Leaflitter, on her mother's side.



  • The Rainwings considered calling 'Dragonfly', which would of been ironic, since she can't fly.
  • Leopard is the main character in 'WoF: The Hidden Ruins"
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