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"hey, look at this," bonecrusher said, he held it out to realmwanderer, ze sighed, "your goals frighten and confuse me, bone," ze told him, he's crazy, trying to bring back darkstalker, remember realm; you're only in this to talk him out of it, ze thought, hir eyes locked with his, his mind had become a mess in these past few years, his brown eyes now bore red veins in the corners because of a lack of sleep and heavy, dark rings surrounded them, the dark brown nightwing paced around their den, head turned to their purple friend, realm's 4, large, butterfly-like wings flopped as ze read the scroll, "bone, looking for this-it's a suicide mission!" ze exclaimed, bone simply looked at hir before he said, "whelp, see you on the other side," before he shot up the den's door, i can't believe it, realm thought, he's gone looking for the pearl of souls

chapter 1; pantera

"c'mon, pantera!" kea called, their taupe brown feathers disappearing in the darkness of the cave, pantera always wondered why the sky/rain hatched with feathers instead of scales, pantera scaled down the steep entrance, her emerald green talon slipping off once or twice, until she made it to the bottom, she and kea's other 3 friends made it down with few problems, and they continued on their way, pantera lost track of how long they had been walking, but soon she got the feeling she was alone, "kea?" she called out, no answer, "kea!?" she called again, still no answer, pantera sighed and splooted on the ground, laying her head between her front legs and uncoiling her tail on the ground, realizing it was surprisingly longer than most other tribes, she sprawled her wings across the ground, i'm dead, i'm completely dead, i'm gonna die right here, without anyone, no one knowing where i am, i'm going to die a miserable, lonely death, she thought, then spotted a turquoise light from the corner of her eye, making her raise her head up, "kea!?" pantera exclaimed, no answer, prompting pantera to approach the light, there was a door cracked open slightly, pantera felt columns rise up from the cold, dusty stone around her, the doors were old wood, somehow barely rotted away, ahead, lying on a pedistal, was a turquoise, glowing orb, the size of pantera's head, pantera approached and wrapped her talons around it, she was mystified, hushed voices seemed to eminate from it and a chilling wind rushed through the entrance, "pantera, pantera," the voices whispered, pantera looked at the runes on the pedistal, her breath was visible in the cold chamber, "what does it mean?" she muttered, "say a command, and we shall comply," a voice said, pantera thought for a moment, "what is this place?" pantera asked, "the temple of the moons, made by pre-scorching nightwings, meant to hide the pearl of souls, many have tried to find it, but none have succeded," the voice said, then the orb lit up and pantera could see the entire place, it was carved out of marble, enscribed with carvings of nightwing myths, on the roof was a map of the stars, made of obsidian and dotted with silver, "wow," pantera said, she became lost in the moment, she snapped back into reality, "how can i get back to kea?" pantera asked the orb, turquoise talon-prints lit up down the path pantera had came and she followed it to where they turned, flowing into the talonprints of 4 different dragons, then they stopped, and pantera saw kea and the others, "kea!" she exclaimed, "pantera?" kea said, their eyes wide, "w-we thought you were dead!" they said, the 2 friends wrapped their wings around each other, warmth radiated off kea's feathers, a welcomed change to the cold of the rest of the cave, they made their way out of the cave, back to the village, and seperated, pantera with a lot of explaining to do

chapter 2; kea

kea heard a rythmic knock on the door, thump thump thu-thump thump, thump-thump, it went, they watched as their mom answered the door, it was a nightwing, "hello! your child, kea, has been chosen by queen glory to attend jade mountain!" he said, he was surprisingly small, kea ran to their room and shoved random things into a satchel, everything they could fit, "i'm ready!" they called from the hall, "ok then! that was quick!" the nightwing said, that's when kea noticed pantera behind him, maybe kea might be the skywing for pantera's winglet and they'll be clawmates! kea, pantera, and this strange nightwing glided down to the other huts, the nightwing's dark green scales shimmering in the light, he made the same knock he made on kea's door, a blue rainwing opened it, his periwinkle scales dotted with lighter rings, "hello! your child, amazon, has been chosen by queen glory to attend jade mountain!" the nightwing said, the rainwing turned her head to behind her, "amazon! this nightwing says queen glory wants you to go to jade mountain!" he called, the dragonet-a emerald green rain/leaf-hobbled out of the back, stuff at hand, they stopped at 7 more houses-5 of those being nightwings'-and they headed for the mountain, "what winglet do you think we'll be in?" pantera asked kea, "you'll probably get in gold," they replied, pantera unzipped her bag and got a glowing, turquoise orb out, "what winglet will i get into?" she asked it, "jade winglet, your clawmates will be a leafwing named princess oshima and a skywing/rainwing hybrid named kea," it said, "hm, jade winglet," pantera said, "oshima...isn't that the name of the purple leafwing queen hazel adopted?" kea asked, "yes," the orb replied, "geh-i wasn't asking you!" kea screeched at the orb, the 2 talked some more-the orb safely stowed away in pantera's duffel-until they got to the academy, at the entrance stood a very dark purple nightwing dragoness with a silver teardrop scale by both eyes, her underscales were magenta and marbled with blue, she had a ring of silver scales around her wrist, like a bracelet, she held a scroll and was talking to some of the dragons that had already arrived, kea instantly knew she was fatespeaker, the group of nightwings and rainwings landed and kea could see parents with their wings wrapped around their dragonets, they spotted a dark blue seawing dragoness dripping in pearls with her wings wrapped around 3 dragonets, and it didn't take kea long to notice the patterns on her wings, this was queen coral, and the dragonets in her wings were prince turtle, princess auklet, and princess anenome, fatespeaker told kea and pantera that they would be in the dorm futhest down the left hall, one of the closest ones to the library and they headed there, inside they found a smaller-than-normal, periwinkle leafwing dragoness with spots of blue/grey, purple/grey, and other colors, she had 2 trunks, one with treasures like armor made of bismuth, silver, gold, and rose gold, a black opal necklace on a silver chain that gave kea a tingling feeling on the back of their neck, the other trunk was filled to the brim with scrolls, and this dragoness already had her snout stuffed in one, kea and pantera unpacked and only then did the dragoness noticed them, she perked her head up with a surprised hmph and folded her tail fan over her talons, which were stained with dark blue ink

chapter 3; oshima

dewspinner followed the strange cat down the alley, the thick fog laid over the skywing palace, shrouding every detail of her surroundings in cloud until it was right in front of her face-oshima's reading was interrupted suddenly by the thud of bags on the stoney floor of the dorm, the other 2 dragons that had just arrived turned their heads to her, one was a harvest gold rainwing with a emerald green right talon, the other was a taupe brown rainwing without frills, fangs, and wings that folded up at their sides like a bird's, oshi noted that feathers replaced the brown one's scales everywhere except their legs and snout, which were covered in black scales, their tail was also tipped in a fan of feathers and there was a brown satchel slung around their shoulder, well then...i was expecting company, but not 2 new dragons, oshima thought, her bismuth pair of glasses sat over her eyes, "so, you must be princess oshima?" the brown one said first, "yes, and, erm, please don't refer to me as 'princess,'" she replied, then turned her head back to her scroll, with a crash, dewspinner slammed into a low-set pipe, her head pounded and she could barely feel the talon around her wrist that dragged her over to the soft, yellow glow of a stone building-oshima snapped her head up, moons, the first gong! that's the signal to go to the main hall! i'm gonna be late! she thought before speeding off, she found her way to the main hall and took a seat at the very front row