Leafhopper is Tangerine's Oc do not touch!


Leafhopper is a lean Leaf/Hivewing hybrid. She looks more like a Hivewing in features but has more leafwing colors. She has a smooth snout except for the one spike in the middle of the way going down, she has long hivewing horns . Her wings are hiveing's but look like leaves. she has the jagged edge to her tail like a hivewing. She has that sharp curve past her chest like a hivewing. Her main scale color is a light teal color. she has black thin stripes that begin at her spine and curl out into a vine like shape and go all the way down to her tail. She has two small sheaths on her front wrists that contain two small daggers that she can fling out in an instant. she has black horns she has fading on her snout legs wing frame and tail to a light but solid red. She has a black mouth with a dark red tongue with sharp white teeth. She is usually found with a cloak over herself so no one can see that she is a hybrid.


Leafhopper is an overall kind dragon with a rough outer shell. She doesn't let dragons get close to her often for she doesn't want to loose them. She is loyal and fun with her friends. and quiet and stealthy when smuggling goods weapons or dragons to the Poison jungle. She is an over all good dragon but doesn't open up to stangers too quickly. She does have a sweet side for those who can bring it out.


Leafhopper didn't as a good turn out in the start of her life. She watched her leafwing father murdered before her eyes by hivewings. She swore so avenge him but not by murder but by freeing all Leafwings from this forever spell of being lower than Hivewings. She trained with leafwings throughout her life, and became a warrior and a smuggler she continued to smuggle from Vinegroon hive giving supplies and refugees to Poison jungle. This is where she is to this day.


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