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Image artist Malice
Background Information
Creator LoveTheRain
Main Attribute Observation
Theme Color Blues and whites
Character Information
Age 16 (human years)
Gender Female
Tribe Seawing/Icewing
Residence Camp Gin Chi
Relatives Frozensea (Mother), Kuuki (Father), Icylake (Aunt)
Likes Writing, Her Notebooks or Sketchbooks
Dislikes Loud Dragons
Ships None
Quote "Okay, but you should try."


Kaze has the overall appearance of an IceWing with SeaWing here and there. Her scales are a snowy white with sky blue markings on her horns and tail. The top part of Kaze's wings are slightly darker than their usual snowy white, the bottom part of her wings turn into a blue green that turns back to white.

Her eyes are the color of sapphires while her pupil is a light blue. Her tail is mostly spikes at the end and has three lines of blue on it.

Kaze is medium sized but compared to other IceWings, she is small. She is always seen wearing her black bracelet with yellow-orange diamonds braided into it, it is a gift from her mother.


Kaze is quite patient and doesn't like to argue with anyone, she is extremely insightful and observant. She is usually reserved but if she is annoyed to the max she will snap at you, literally.(You have to REALLY annoy her for that to happen) Other than that, most dragons would describe her as sweet, shy and kind.

If you ever find her, she is probably sketching or writing in her notebooks, she loves her notebooks and sketchbooks. There is one that is the most important which is a thick dark blue one with white snowflakes on the cover.


Kaze hatched on a windy night while a storm almost blew the small dragonet away. She grew up with her mother in Nightcry on the east side, hearing tales of her father from her mother. When Kaze was 14 (Scavenger Years), her mother decided it was time to go Camp Gin Chi and learn more about her father.

Kaze has a good relationship with her mother and doesn't really know her father.


Kaze is an amazing artist and usually is a good advice giver. She prefers to draw rather than talk so you will usually see her sketching something.

Kaze can only use her father's gift if she is in an extreme emotional state. She can swim pretty well as she does have Seawing in her, she could stay in water for about an hour and be fine. Kaze can breathe a weak frostbreath that melts quickly and is freezing but not fatal.


  • Her favorite color is dark blue
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