Kagayaku is a male LightWing who can take form of a sword through magic. Kagayaku is a non-animus dragon who found a rock that turns out was animus enchanted, and it gave him the power to turn into a sword with a scabbard and shape shift. He had no name until Lucina discovered him and named him "Kagayaku". Kagayaku serves Lucina , who he calls "brave warrior dragonet".

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Kagayaku is a caring LightWing who loves to serve others and takes others before himself, similar to the personality of Queen Glacier . He thinks that having powers may be great, even if you're not an animus, but they sometimes can turn back against you, so he often says that powers are something useless unless if you want to get betrayed. He is a pessimist, but loves to serve those he trusts.


Kagayaku is a Japanese word with multiple meanings, with the most common being "sparkle" and "shine". However, sometimes its meaning can be "die", referencing how Kagayaku is a pessimist.

Fanfiction appearances

NightWing and the Blade of Light

Kagayaku is a major character who helped Lucina defeat Powerhungry and Darkclaws.


"You wish you had a power. It's actually terrible. Want one, still? Expect to get betrayed by your own self. Animus enchantments are even worse. Well, they can be. Everyone wants a power; and that's exactly what I got. I was not wishing for power. Instead, it was a little stroll that turned out to be a powerful enchantment to my life. I learned how to change into a sword with a scabbard. I realized that powers are just something that only the weak want. I am weak. The weak want powers to make them not weak. I never wished that. Now, excuse my apprehensive self about this. I'm really just a huge talker about that." -Kagayaku explaining his powers to Lucina and Tayra.


  • Some people when they use the term "Kagayaku", they accidentally tell others to die, referencing how Kagayaku was always pessimist to talking to other dragons, certainly LightWings, because of his mistake in his speech that was similar.
  • He is (probably) the only shape shifting LightWing.
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