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Jungle has the build of a NightWing, but has very noticeable RainwIng and SeaWing features. Her underscales are midnight blue, and the scales on the underside of her wings (where Nightwings have white) she can change color. Her tail works like a Rainwing's, and she has the venemous teeth of one. Her wings are the same midnight color as her underscales, as well as her arms from the elbow down. A couple scales at the end of her tail light up. Her eyes are a vibrant purple, and you will often see her wearing a white infinity scarf.


Jungle has a happy, careless, sort of ditzy personality. The most like her of any other dragon would be Blze. Even though she's ditzy, she is always ready to help out if anyone needs help. She's very self-conscious, but doesn't mind getting dirty. Her weakness is she hates getting teased about being a tribrid.


Jungle has the venomous teeth of a RainWing, and can see in the dark like both SeaWings and NightWings. She can't breath underwater. the only glow in the dark scales on her are the ones on her tale, so she can't speak aquatic. She has no fire


Jungle was born in the Kingdom of the Sea, where her father the NightWing met her mother the SeaWing/RainWing hybrid. She grew up till the age of two on the very edge of the NightWing island. Her parents moved to the Rainforest when the NightWings found out her father had married a hybrid. From the age of three she lived in the Rainforest, growing up with only her mom and dad. When the Nightwings evacuated the island when she was five, they found out where her father had gone and wanted to kick him out, but Queen Glory stopped them. She and her family moved into a house in the Nightwing village, but she remains today not very popular among the NightWings.


*Jungle is female

*Jungle is five

*Jungle is a Sea/Rain/Night tribrid

*Jungle livesin the NightWing village


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