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Juby ref sept2019
Shower the people with FUNK
Background Information
Creator morrows
Image Artist morrows >:3c
Coding unique
Main Attribute false confidence, her laugh, anxiousness
Elemental Attribute color
Theme Animal bottlenose dolphin
Theme Color bright pink
Theme Song squeez - shawn wasabi (ft. raychel jay)

material girl - madonna

killer queen - queen

Character Information
Age 16 human years
Gender female
Orientation bisexual
Occupation student, artist, writer
Tribe silk/rain
Goal to get out of school and go to art college, visit th french campus
Nicknames juby, joob
Residence earth.
Relatives passion (rainwing mother,) swallowtail (silkwing father,) joy (sister,) cheerful (sister)
Allies daybreak, firefly, raccoon, infinity and maple
Enemies ehhh
Likes 80s/70s music, drawing, writing, graphic tees, coke, colorful clothing, retro fashion, 80s aesthetic, bowling, going to the arcade, reading comics, marvel, making her friends laugh, playing her ukulele, english class, twenty one pilots
Aesthetics bright colors, sparklers, fairy lights, strobe lights, dance floors, disco balls, tokyo at night, candy, shutter shades, 80s music, birthday parties, laughter, neon lights, fizzy drinks, anything sweet, dancing like a maniac, fireworks, carnivals, japanese kanji, bisexual colors
Dislikes super crowded areas, people breathing too close, mean/derogatory jokes, her friends being sad, angry crying, stress, mosquitoes, sweaty people, screaming, hands, being ignored, vomit, being sick
Powers and abilities super good taste in music, color coordinating, matching, good at sorting, singing, playing the ukulele, not moving for long periods of time
Weapons uhhhhhhhh I'll hit you with my ukulele
Love Interests wishes to have a significant other one day, but not at the moment
Quote "my hidden talent is changing the dialogue in comic panels to something completely nonsensical."


Jubilee is an eye-catching dragon, due to the way she expresses herself. Bright blues, yellows, pinks, and reds are splashed all across her body creating an amalgamation of neon colors. She is rather lanky with long legs and arms, but she's is slightly pudgy around the middle. Her face is round but friendly, and she has very large, expressive eyes. Her yellow scales are freckled all over with faint blue freckles, which she really loves about herself.

Her favorite things to wear are typically pajamas, seeing as the rest of the week she is clothed in school uniforms. When she goes out is when she really gets to have fun. She enjoys wearing bright graphic tees with her favorite characters on them, or band attire she doesn't usually get to wear. She loves to decorate her arms with bangle bracelets and wear huge, colorful earrings. She's also a big fan of her pink shades, which she wears with contacts since she can't see very well.


She has a low voice for a girl, which she rather likes. When she is around people she thinks are deserving of a more civil manner of speaking, she is very serious and polite, and hesitates to make jokes. However, when she is with friends, she is loud, ostentatious, and incredibly giggly. Her laugh is one of the things she is most self-conscious about due to teasing from others.

She has a very warped sense of humor due to the amount of time she spends on the internet and reading memes. A lot of it consists of self-depreciating jokes, bad puns, cursed sentences, and references to things she watches or reads. She adores being around people who understand the jokes and will laugh with her, not at her.

Jubilee is an big music lover, who can spend hours surfing the web for new music or listening to the same three songs countless times. She enjoys 80s and 70s music the best, along with a select few 90s hits and some pop songs. She likes to share her favorite songs with friends and to dance around the kitchen when her parents aren't home.

She also enjoys sharing her interests with others. These include Marvel, book series, bands, and other things. She wants to share these things that make her so happy to give others the same joy. Jubilee is big on making her friends love her favorite characters so she can have someone to gush over them with. She is not one to shove things down others' throats, though. She can be rather self-conscious about rambling on and on about things she enjoys.

One of the things that is the most noticeable about Jubilee is her empathy. She is very in tune with her friends feelings and is petrified of hurting them or driving them apart. Her biggest fear is losing friends, or making them hate her. She can be a bit overbearing in her worries, especially when she thinks something is her fault. She can over-comfort or shower her friends with too many compliments, making things worse. Despite her fear of losing friends, she is quick to attempt to make them feel better. She would resort to anything to cheer her friends up.


Jubilee has a great friendship with Day, and adores her art and sense of humor. She has spent countless hours on the Discord server fooling around with her. She understands that Day worries about not being as close, but assures her that she loves her to the moon and back! She sees her as a fun, sweet older sister.

Jubilee loves to hang around the hybrid, she thinks their art is great and loves to make them cringe with her angst writing. She feels as if she and Maple were successful in dragging them into Marvel. The two are very close, and love to make obscure jokes and argue about "toney." Jubilee loves them lots, and would do anything for them!

Maple is Jubilee's go-to Marvel buddy. They love to talk about plots and angst and their wives. She thinks she is a very talented writer. They are the server's "Marvel Stan Squad," and love to go on Marvel meme rampages. Jubilee thinks it's hilarious that she fears her essays about Tony Stark.

Jubilee loves to hang out with Firefly. She thinks their art is adorable and loves to scream about Night Vale and Marvel with them. She can thank them for making her listen to a podcast for a living. She is proud that she has managed to suck them into the Queen fandom and make them love Freddie Mercury as much as she does, haha.

Infinity and Jubilee are close friends! She thinks their art is amazing and that they've come very far with it. She also loves the way they have with words, and thinks they should be a poet one day. She also likes to discuss Marvel theories with them. They have spent many hours talking about their wives in chat and discussing how much they would die for girls.

Jubilee looks up to Storm almost like an older sibling, and thinks they are immensely talented and clever. She loves their art and writing, and the way they can world build so easily. They share a similar taste in music which brought them closer. They have grown closer in recent months, world-building and roleplaying and making weird jokes. They share a strange obsession with planes, and both accept their fate as plane kinnies.

Jubilee is very close to Windy, and sees him as one of her best friends. He has always been there for her when she's upset, and she loves to share writing with him and roleplay as well. Jubilee is sad that they don't talk as much anymore, but loves him all the same.


Jubilee adores Red, and thinks she's smart, funny, and a great writer and artist. She loves to discuss fandoms and interests, and she is grateful for how caring and supportive she is when she's feeling upset.


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