Yes, I am making a Harry Potter - Wings of Fire crossover fanfiction. The nerdiness is strong with this one.

Characters used:

Pomegranate the RainWing 

Fractal the IceWing

Dolphin the SeaWing

Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854) 

Part One: The Attack

Chapter One (Pomegranate)

Tip-tap, tip-tap, and the sound of someone yawning. These sounds were the first thing Pomegranate heard that morning. She identified the sound as someone walking outside her and Egret's sleeping cave. She assumed this meant she should get up soon, she opened her eyes and saw sunlight pouring in from the skylight in the hall.  

Ah, the hammock. The blissful, peaceful hammock. Pomegranate was ashamed to have to leave her every day.  

"Yurble." Camel turds, even Fluffy was awake. Pomegranate sighed and rolled over to gracefully fall out of the hammock like she usually did (gracefully being subjective). She stretched her large wings and swiveled her head on her shortish neck like someone who had only just now experienced the bliss of stretching for the first time in their life. 

"Goodbye, Hammok. I'll miss you dearly until Suntime, and after that, I'll miss you dearly until night."  

She heard a quiet snore from Egret's patch of marshy moss, and quikly tipclawed out of the cave, Fluffy now placed on her shoulders. She headed, as she always did, towards the prey center to get food for her and Fluffy. As she got there, she saw a flash of shiny, pale, light-blue scales and a wave of protective fury for Fluffy washed over her. She tensed, ready to fight, saw the dragon's face, and quickly came out of fight mode.

Chapter Two (Fractal)

"Oh. It's you. Hey, Fractal."

Pomegranate sat down, her snout pointed down at the ground, looking ashamed. There were blobs of light purple in her scales to show for it.

Fractal was at first confused, then saw the light grey puffball on Pomegranate's shoulders. So that was why she was up so early, to feed Fluffy. In her group discussion class with Clay and the rest of the Silver Winglet, they had discovered that almost all RainWings had sloths, and didn't eat meat. This had been a back-burner in her mind for quite some time.

The reason Fractal was going to the prey center early, well, she always did. It was much less chaotic than in the middle of the day with usually about 10 dragons all hunting the same things, and even though she was always there early, it wasn't uncommon to see a SandWing in there eating something small.

She and Pomegranate continued on their way to get food, only to be stopped by a SeaWing carrying something that looked suspiciously like a scavenger, even though there was a no-eating-scavengers policy in the prey center.

Chapter Three (Dolphin)

"Dolphin, you know you're not allowed to eat scavengers, right?" 

Fractal looked accusingly at Dolphin, who was flustered at the accusation. 

"I know that, but I am holding this one down because it attacked me with a magic stick! No, I'm not crazy, quit giving me that look! Look at the ground! There it is!"

Pomegranate picked up the stick at her talons and examined it. 

Dolphin suddenly realized that no one would believe her. She set the scavenger down, feeling defeated. 

The scavenger immediately ran over to Pomegranate, snatched it's magic-stick out of her talon and squeaked something while pointing it at Fractal. Fractal immediately started to rise without flapping her wings, and Dolphin reacted almost instantaneously. She ran over to the scavenger and swatted it with her front talon. The scavenger's stick flew across the cave and Fractal fell from the air with a loud "thud". Pomegranate caught the stick and shoved it in her neck pouch.

Dolphin felt no pity for the scavenger. She ran over to Fractal, who was breathing in shallow, ragged breaths.  

Chapter Four (Fractal)

Pain. Fractal's entire side was in blunt pain, and she knew that.

Need air. Fractal needed to breathe deeper, and she couldn't, and she knew that.

She tried gulping. She needed air. 

She heard heavy talons coming towards her.

She heard a voice.

"There w-was this-this scavenger, but, it had this stick, an-and--"

Something she couldn't understand. Her head was THROBBING. 

A few seconds later, she felt herself moving.

No, please no, not that again. Please, not that again.

She was now lying on her stomach.

Another voice, this one deep.

"Her wing is definitely broken, I think a few of her ribs are cracked as well."

A sharp pain in her side, and she felt herself drift.

Chapter Five (Pomegranate)

Pomegranate stroked Fluffy on her hammock. It was Suntime, but she couldn't sleep. She ran her claws through his fur, telling him what had happened.

"... And then Dolphin got Clay to help. He found a broken wing and five cracked ribs. He asked me to tranquilize her because she was in shock and needed to go to the hospital wing. She's making a recovery, I hope. I feel so bad for Dolphin, I mean, to have this happen to your girlfriend, right after you were attacked yourself, feeling like you could have saved her..."

Pomegranate trailed off, letting the tears come. She held Fluffy tightly to her chest, and placed him on her shoulders. She got up off her hammock and started pacing back and forth around the cave, reliving the event in her head a thousand times over. Even though it was a few hours ago, it felt like mere moments. The stick in her hands being snatched out, the squeak, the thud of her friend falling, having to shoot Fractal with a dart, Dolphin's heartbroken expression, Fractal limp on a bed in the hospital wing, she felt it as if it were currently happening. She shook her head, trying to get the images to stop replaying, but they didn't. 

She layed down on the floor, crying, thinking of Dolphin and feeling guilty for thinking she herself deserved any pity.

Chapter Six (Egret)

Egret walked through the hall towards his sleeping cave. He was drawing fanart for his favorite scroll, and needed a reference point. As he got closer, he heard the sound of someone crying from the cave, presumably Pomegranate.

Sure enough, as he reached the entrance, he saw his clawmate lying on the floor, sky blue with blotches of light green and white scattered around her body, her wings around her head, crying.

Egret was at loss for words, he wasn't good at comforting anyone but his sibs, and even then, Coypu (his BigWings) was much better at it than he was. He opened his mouth to say, "Are you okay?" but decided against it at the last moment, closing his mouth.

Of course she's not okay, stupid, look at her! He thought.

Pomegranate folded her wings, lifted her head, and sniffed.

That's just what I need. Thought Egret. To look like I was staring, even though I just got here a few seconds ago.

Pomegranate turned her head towards Egret, and immediately he defended himself.


Pomegranate took a slow, shaky breath.

"You're fine. It's just, Fractal. There was this scavenger with this magic stick, and, it, well, attacked her. I'm not crazy, ask Dolphin, she'll back me up. Or not, I don't think she would want to relive it."

"It... Attacked her? Wha--? How?"

"Yes." She told Egret the story of what had happened, taking deep breaths occasionally, probably to calm herself down.

Pomegranate lifted the stick out of her neck pouch and showed it to Egret. 

A wave of emotion flew over him, he couldn't handle it. He was sure Pomegranate would understand, she was like that. He grabbed his scroll and walked towards the art cave, his head bowed.

Chapter Seven (Dolphin)

Dolphin sat beside Fractal, looking down at her girlfriend's limp form on a bed of leaves. Tears streamed silently down her face.

Every teardrop is a waterfall, She thought. Each one is filled with meaning.

She had to investigate this, she knew, she had to know where the scavenger came from, where the magic stick came from, all of it, but now, she just wanted to be with Fractal. Fractal's wing was in a cast and there were leaves forming padding all along one side of her chest. 

Her tranq dart should be wearing off soon, then I can talk to her, thought Dolphin.

It had only been a few hours since the "scavenger incedent", but it may as well have been years. It kept on replaying in her head, but it seemed slower every time.

She looked down at the scroll in her talons, at the top of it was a riddle that Fractal had come up with for her a few weeks ago. It hadn't taken long to solve, but the relation to this event was striking. She read it over again.

I am not what I seem, 

Three beings of yellow know my story.

To overlook me would be a mistake, 

As one once worshipped, now dead, could tell you.

What am I?

And, written on the bottom in Dolphin's own hadwriting,

A scavenger.

As Dolphin lifted her head from she scroll, Fractal's front talon twitched and her eyes slowly lifted open.

Chapter Eight (Fractal)

Fractal looked up. She was lying on something soft, and looking down on her was Dolphin's turquoise face. She saw a scroll in Dolphin's talons. Her mind was jumbled, but she was pretty sure she was okay enough to talk.

"What're you reading?" She asked.

Dolphin showed her the riddle and the answer. " You wrote this a few weeks ago," said Dolphin. "Isn't it weird how you were attacked by a scavenger a few weeks after you wrote this?"

"Yeah. Strange."

Ugh. Why am I so tired? Maybe sitting up will help.

Fractal placed her back legs under her and walked backward with her front legs until she was sitting upright. 

Ow! Why does my chest hurt so bad? why am I so light-headed?

"We need to investigate this." Said Fractal.

"You need to stay off of that wing, it's not even healed yet."

Fractal realized that her left wing was in a cast, bound to her side.

"Well, at least this gives us time to plan out our investigation."

"I know."

Fractal settled back onto the bed, trying to sleep, as Dolphin went back to the sleeping cave to get a scroll to plan.

Part Two: The Inquiry

(Two weeks after the ending of Chapter Eight)

Chapter Nine (Dolphin)

Dophin sat outside the hispital wing, ecstatically awaiting Fractal. Her ribs were healed, and while her wing could still not be used, it was only a few days before it could be.

They had discussed this many times over. Once Fractal could fly, Fractal and Dolphin would find a magic-stick scavenger and try to communicate to it that they needed to be transported to its den or base or whatever. Pomegranate would go with them to collect food and fish so that Dolphin and Fractal could focus on figuring out everything about these scavengers. Dolphin had been teaching Pomegranate how to fish for the past week, and although she still wasn't perfect, Dolphin knew they wouldn't starve. In fact, Pom was practicing fishing as Dolphin waited. Fractal had agreed to eating some fruit as well. They had already ran it by Sunny, and she had approved. 

Fractal stepped outside of the hospital wing and Dolphin gently wrapped her wings around her, avoiding Fractal's broken wing. She had gotten used to Fractal's cold scales over the past few months. She unwrapped her wings and stepped back, looking Fractal directly in the eye.

"We should probably tell Pom that you're back."

Chapter Ten (Fractal)

((Three days after the ending of chapter nine.))

Fractal stood on the ground, looking at the mountain in front of and above her. She turned around and faced Dolphin, who was standing right beside her.

Dolphin smiled, a gleam of triumph in her eyes. "Alright. Three, two, one, NOW!"

Fractal ran at full speed across the open field, in the Sky Kingdom's general direction. She unfurled her wings, her left one feeling particularly free now that it was out of it's cast.  She lifted her wings up and jumped, beating them down as she rose. She beat them again, harder, and more times, beating them harder with each beat. She rose higher and higher, the freeing feeling of flight in her icicle horns. She looked down and saw Jade Mountain below her. She stopped beating her wings and spread them out to glide, only beating occasionally to keep momentom and altitude. 

Finally, she decided that it was time to investigate the scavengers. She tilted her wings downward and spiraled down towards Dolphin.  She landed in front of her.

"I'm ready."

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