Background Information
Creator dinsfire24
Main Attribute Protectiveness
Elemental Attribute Campfire
Theme Animal Dire wolf
Theme Color Green
Theme Song Not A Love Story - Mamma Mia
Character Information
Age (DY) 6
Age (HY) 18
Gender Female
Orientation Straight as a board
Occupation nah
Tribe LeafWing
Residence F no.
Relatives Fern (mother), Sunray (father), Germanium (half-sister), Dewdrop (brother)
Allies TBD
Enemies TBA
Likes Plants (duh), sunlight, gardening, thinking
Dislikes Cold, wet, darkness, pain, dead or dying animals, rotting things
Powers and abilities Normal LeafWing abilities, plant control
Weapons Claws, teeth
Quote "Oh. I didn't know you still cared about little old me. Germa usually takes the spotlight."


"I'm not too special."

Ivy is relatively normal. She is a dark green color, with light brown freckles splashed across her snout. Her underbelly is a warmer brown and her eyes are a brilliant green. Ivy's talons and horns are black as well.


"My friends mean the world to me."

Ivy is a caring, compassionate dragon. However, she believes in karma and that everyone gets what they deserve. Therefore, she will not help just anyone. She has denied several dragons help because they are getting the consequences of their bad actions.


"There's nothing traumatizing. Stop asking."

Ivy had a normal life with her family. She had no idea Germanium wasn't a full sister of hers. She was quite happy, never being bullied or anything. Ivy learned to control plants during her earlier years. She was also taught basic mathematics and english, with quite advanced science as soon as her powers were discovered.

Special Traits

"Believe it or not, I have some."

Plant control

Like some LeafWings, she has control over plants. This is pretty self explanatory.


"Oooh, I love talking about my family and friends!"


Ivy enjoys her mother's company. She would visit her if she could. (Positive)


Ivy's relationship with her dad is... complicated. She is not sure what to think of him running off with Fireflight. However, she thinks she can forgive him. (Neutral-Positive)


Ivy is a bit jealous of all the attention Sunray and Fireflight's hybrid child gets. However, she realizes it's not her fault. (Positive)


Ivy finds Dewdrop honestly annoying. His constant questions and impatience together really test her patience. However, she still loves him. (Neutral-Positive)

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