Iridescent is a collab between Delta, Moonmoon, and Jellybean!! Please don’t edit or use without permission!!! Coding by Jellybean!

Background Information
Infobox Art Moonmoon!
Coding Jellybean, Thanks!
Creators Jellybean, Moonmoon, and Delta!
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Animal Opal betta fish
Theme Color Iridescent/Pastel Tie-Dye
Theme Song The Other Side (Reimagined version)
Aliases Iri
Character Information
Age 8 D.Y (Or about 18 human years)
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation type here
Tribe type here
Goal type here
Residence type here
Relatives Paintbrush~Rain/Silk~Sister



Opal~SilkWing~Half Sister



Allies type here
Enemies type here
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities type here
Weapons Those iridescent knives that you can see in her aesthetic
Quote type here

"Quote goes here"


Iridescent is mostly a pearl white, with a few color-changing scales along her body. She has RainWing wings, but a second pair below like a SilkWing, though they are smaller than a regular SilkWings. She has a blue forked tongue, and a ruff like a RainWing. Iri has an antennae and colorful silk. She has a prehensitile tail and is short and thin. She is usually smiling and has sparkling light blue eyes.

"Hi! I'm Iridescent! What's your name?"


Iridescent is sweet and friendly, and she has a hint of silliness. She is very smart and is considered the "nerd" of her class. She trusts rather easily and could be considered almost naive. But when she needs to be, Iridescent is brave and never backs down from a fight.

"Quote goes here."


"Quote goes here."


"Quote goes here."


"Hi there! I'm Iridescent, but you can call me Iri!"
~Iridescent to Arctica, when they first met


Arctica~ Iri's best friend is Arctica!

Snowbank~ Iri thinks Snowbank is pretty cool!

"Yay, art! I love art!"


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