Canon Timeline | Female | Imperial | Silkwing | 5 years old
Imperial isn't shy, but she is definitely not loud, but she lets others have the spotlight. She isn't sure what she would do with it anyway.

Infobox Art CercerisStings
Creator CercerisStings
Attribute Follower
Element Water
Color Gold
Animal Parrot
Song Therefore you and me
Age 5
Gender Female
Orientation Lesbian
Occupation Student
Tribe Silkwing
Goal Find herself/Who she is
Residence Jewel Hive
Relatives Twin sister: Swallowtail
Allies Her many friends, her sister
Enemies N/A... yet
Likes Soft colors, Gold, crowded areas, music, dancing, friends, and being liked
Dislikes Schoolwork, math, being alone, quiet, nervousness,making decisions and taking risks.
Powers Antenne that can sense vibrations
Love Interests None ye

Imperial, same as her identical twin sister, is a SilkWing that has not yet gone through her Metamorphosis. She has small wingbuds that have a yellowish twinge on her back, and has cerulean antennae that are constantly flicking back and forth, rarely curling itself back inside. Her scales transfer in an ombré from blue to gold, and her eyes are violet.

Imperial, despite the name, is more of a follower. She easily lets others take advantage of her, and can't say no. She's a faithful friend, and often let's or helps her friends talents shine, often more than hers. She is a great listner, and is kind. Despite this, her friends are some of the most popular silkwings in school, and she gets a good amount of attention from it. Though she won't admit it, she rather enjoys this attention.

Due to being a follower and thinking of others, she barley thinks of herself. When she is alone she feels empty, and sometimes useless. She isn't quite sure who she really as an individual, and this often makes her sad. This also lead her to have trouble when dealing with understanding her and others emotions. She is also scared of commitment in most cases, and secretly dreads her Metamorphosis.

Imperial can sense vibrations with her antenne and knows when people are near. While it is not a natural ability, she is a skilled dancer and vocalist, and enjoys making music and dancing

Work in progress

Swallowtail is Imperials twin sister. While they fight a lot (Imperial usually give in to end the argument), they really love each other and couldn't imagine life without eachother. Whenever Swallowtail is angry Imperial allways listens calmly to her rant (even if she has no idea what she is talking about) and Swallowtail helps Impereal be more adventurous. Despite all this, tey don't know eachother personally, and Swallow doesn't know how sad Imperial can get.


  • Imperial is right handed
  • She loves to dance, but doesn't often
  • She feels more brave and happy arorund her friends
  • She is on the schools sports team, even though they aren't exactly her favorite thing. She isn't really bad nor really good.
  • She doesn't understand/can't comprehend most sarcasm

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