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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. IceWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon IceWings.

Cave IceWings


Cave IceWings are an IceWing subspecies. They have adapted to live deep underground in caves, and rarely venture out of the ground. Their queen is Queen Snow-Stone. (Created by SoulTheFeline)


Cave IceWings are usually dark grayscale colors. Their wings are smaller than those of normal IceWings. These IceWings are typically more muscular in build, and have tougher claws for digging through the rock & soil.


Cave IceWings are stronger & tougher than IceWings, but they fly rather slowly, because their wings are smaller. They have tough claws to dig through the rock, ice, & soil. They also can see well in the dark, but not in the daylight.


The Cave IceWings live underground, in near the edge of the Ice Kingdom. They usually have villages of caves connected by tunnels.

Aquatic IceWings

Aquatic Icewings are are subspecies of icewings that live closer to the water, adapting fins and webs, but not gills.

  • Diet*

Aquatic icewings eat any seafood

  • Apperance*

They are usually bluer in color, and have fins on the edge of their wing,tail and legs. They have webs on their feet.

  • Abilities*

They are fast swimmers and can hold their breath for an hour.

  • Location*

They are located on the edges of the ice kingdom ...

If you make one, please creadit FyreTheSkywing or VaporwaveTheSkyHive (new name/account)

Burrowing Icewings normally appear like a normal Icewing. However, their claws are longer which helps their digging go faster. Their body frame / build is small so they can squirm into holes easier.

Burrowing Icewings of course, have the ability to quickly burrow under the ground and fit in a hole with ease due to their small body frame and sharp claws for digging. They are nimble, but weak and are only really able to kill prey. Their flight speed is of an average Icewing's.

Grouping Habits
These subspecies of Icewings normally go in groups with a minimum of 3 dragons: Family does count as a group member. These subspecies of Icewings have a group limit set by them depending on how rich prey is.

These subspecies of Icewings normally roost underground in the Ice Kingdom.

Created by Latte Da Ripple. Any questions about them can be taken to her.

Post - Diamond IceWings are ancient, and inherit more things from the past, like animus abilities and colder frostbreath. They are commonly found in groups by the shore near the palace and the islands off the "snout". The IceWings are commonly in the royal famila, or just high classed, as they don't often llive with others. This is the only IceWing subspieces that are commonly found animus. You can make one without permission, just credit Kittenjewel101

Frostscales are like flamescale SkyWings, but instead of burning everything they freeze everything. Created by Phoenixsong.

Icebenders are IceWings that have frostbreath so powerful they can create actual ice. Also created by Phoenixsong. Possibly created due to a HiveWing ancestor.


During the winter, They have pure white scales that are very thick. Their spikes and horns become extremely sharp and long. But during the summer, Arctic Fox IceWings' scales are thin, and become more of a dull gray-blue. Their spikes and horns also become less long.


Like most of an Arctic Fox IceWing's characteristics, thier abilities vary depending on the season. During the winter, they get enhanced hearing and eyesight. Plus, their frostbreath is slightly stronger. Summer is normal for them. Eyesight, hearing, and frostbreath are just average.


Arctic Fox IceWings have two locations, or "dens." The first one is their winter den. An aboveground tower connected to underground dens and other towers on the northern coast of the Ice Kingdom. The summer den is similar, but more towers and less underground dwellings. The few underground dens there are are closer to the surface than the winter dens. The Summer Den is on the Western coast of the Ice Kingdom.

Differences and similarities


Traditionally, they were named after arctic mammals, but are leaning towards typical IceWing names.


Thier queen had recently passed away, and most Arctic Fox IceWings agree to bow to Queen Snowfall.

Arctic Fox a IceWings were created by LimeyTheRainwing. 2 can be made freely, anymore must have permission from me.

Created by SparklyKitty

Created by Destiny

Gemwings are normal icewings but with shinier scales. Descripion Gemwings look odd. They are usually either much smaller or much bigger than the "normal" icewing. Their scales can be any colo


Description: Shiny scales, light rainbow scales. Abilities: Can breathe frostbreath

Location: usually in the borders between the sand kingdom and ice kingdom

Created by SparklyKitten


Description: Silver, pale blue, or white scales; ridged claws to grip the ice; forked blue tongues; tails narrow to a whip-thin end; blue or black eyes

Abilities: Can withstand sub-zero temperatures and bright light; exhale a cold freezing breath without a doubt WILL kill a dragon if not treated within 5 minutes. Distant MudWing heritage, named 'Hail's' because of their tough scales that is very, very thick, protected skull.

Location: In the highest peaks of the Claws of Clouds mountain range or the coldest parts of the Ice Kingdom. ASK TO MAKE ONE!!!!

Created by Sundew73


Snowstorm IceWings have all the usual IceWing powers-but their frostbreath creates snowstorms instead. It takes practice to make strong ones.


They have normal IceWing features, except they have slightly curvy horns, and their tails aren’t very thin. They can have slightly darker colours as well. Their wings may have flecks all over them.


They live near the Kingdom if Sand, but still cold enough. They make lots of snowstorms to stay colder.


Please ask to make one, I’m sure I’ll say yes!

Created by Mustardthought


In winter they look just like normal ice wings but tiny (about half a metre long) and with a few black scales scattered across their body. In summer, however, all the scales on their heads turn black and the males sometimes even get red scales on the very top.


They have all the same abilities just weaker.


When queen Diamond believed her son was kidnapped by Nightwings she enchanted all Icewing-NIghtwing hybrids in icewing territory and their descendants to be small and weak and to have all the scales on their heads turn black in summer so that even if they didn't have a single black scale everyone would see them for what they were. The reason for the red patch that sometimes shows up on the males is unknown.


They live in small scattered communities along a line the South of Icewing territory although not normally as far as the border. The biggest of these is right in the middle of this belt and is where their royal family lives.


As a way of embracing their Nightwing heritage, their names follow the noun-verb-er pattern Nightwings use but with more Icewing-related words. Eg: Frostbringer or Snowdigger.


Their first queen was originally called Kiiruna but after the enchantment she organised the all the ostracised hybrids and took on the name Ordermaker to commemorate it. The current queen is called Blizzardcaller and she is quite young so she will probably keep the position for a long time.


Their society is less rigid than that of normal Icewings without there being enough of them to compose all the tiers and classes that are seen there. They cannot hunt most prey because of their small size so they feed on the sparse plants that are found in the south of Icewing territory, which is why they are all there, particularly birch and willow buds.


You don't need to ask anyone permission to make one.


The following resources pertain to the entire IceWing tribe and are free for community use. Please do not put art that is specific to your character in the gallery for the IceWing tribe.

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