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Description: Silver, pale blue, or white scales; ridged claws to grip the ice; forked blue tongues; tails narrow to a whip-thin end; blue or black eyes

Abilities: Can withstand sub-zero temperatures and bright light; exhale a deadly freezing breath; have razor-sharp claws and a spiked tail

Location: The upper northwest part of the Pyrrhian continent; icy tundra known as the Ice Kingdom

Queen (Canon): Queen Snowfall

Diet: Arctic animals including polar bears and caribou, fish, birds of prey

Alliances: Princess Blaze; most of the SandWings (During the Great War)

Significant Members

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Male Royalty:

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. IceWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon IceWings.

Cave IceWings


Cave IceWings are an IceWing subspecies. They have adapted to live deep underground in caves, and rarely venture out of the ground. Their queen is Queen Snow-Stone. (Created by SoulTheFeline)


Cave IceWings are usually dark grayscale colors. Their wings are smaller than those of normal IceWings. These IceWings are typically more muscular in build, and have tougher claws for digging through the rock & soil.


Cave IceWings are stronger & tougher than IceWings, but they fly rather slowly, because their wings are smaller. They have tough claws to dig through the rock, ice, & soil. They also can see well in the dark, but not in the daylight.


The Cave IceWings live underground, in near the edge of the Ice Kingdom. They usually have villages of caves connected by tunnels.

Aquatic IceWings

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Burrowing Icewings normally appear like a normal Icewing. However, their claws are longer which helps their digging go faster. Their body frame / build is small so they can squirm into holes easier.

Burrowing Icewings of course, have the ability to quickly burrow under the ground and fit in a hole with ease due to their small body frame and sharp claws for digging. They are nimble, but weak and are only really able to kill prey. Their flight speed is of an average Icewing's.

Grouping Habits
These subspecies of Icewings normally go in groups with a minimum of 3 dragons: Family does count as a group member. These subspecies of Icewings have a group limit set by them depending on how rich prey is.

These subspecies of Icewings normally roost underground in the Ice Kingdom.

Created by Latte Da Ripple. Any questions about them can be taken to her.

Post - Diamond IceWings are ancient, and inherit more things from the past, like animus abilities and colder frostbreath. They are commonly found in groups by the shore near the palace and the islands off the "snout". The IceWings are commonly in the royal famila, or just high classed, as they don't often llive with others. This is the only IceWing subspieces that are commonly found animus. You can make one without permission, just credit Kittenjewel101


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