Icana | She/Her | Ice/Rain | psycho

Icana belongs to Pugley. Don't steal/edit/use without permission. Coding by Pokeballmachine.

Background Information
Creator Verypugley
Coder Pokeball
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute Ice
Theme Animal Monkey
Theme Color Pink
Theme Song Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 4
Gender Female
Orientation Strait
Occupation type here
Tribe IceWing/RainWing
Goal Have everything
Residence type here
Relatives Mom, dad, older brother
Allies Devilpug, Heartfinder
Enemies type here
Likes Bananas, hugging, reading, and flying
Dislikes Mangoes, spiders, more spiders, even more spiders, SPIDERS
Powers and abilities Can shoot venom, can shoot frostbreath, can do both at the same time
Weapons type here
Quote "If you are a spider, leave me alone!"


When you see this odd hybrid, you will wonder what it is. "Pink scales?" "Blue wings?". You gaze apon her, "Aha! A Ice/rain!" You will say. You look along her talons, expecting them to be curled, which they arent. They are small instead. Then you look into her eyes. A psychotic look is in her eyes.



this is icanas story: when icana hatched, her parents argued over what her name should be: "I THINK OUR DRAGONET SHOULD BE NAMED BANANA!" said her mother. "WELL I THINK SHE SHOULD BE NAMED ICESWORD SO SHE CAN SEEM TOUGH" said her father. then her older brother said "how about a mix of those names, like icana." then they agreed and icana was, well, icana.

"Quote goes here."


icana is shy before you get to know her. BUT AFTER YOU GET TO KNOW HER SHE IS A LIVING RAINBOW MADE OUT OF SUNSHINE! but is very clingy, and could go psycho.

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comment who you want her to interact with below!

heartfinder: icana loves him, and will do everything to be with him... even murder

devilpug: icana says that devilpug can be heartfinders only other friend, but she secretly hates her

[1]sunrise: icana is afraid this dragon might burn her alive for trying to kill heartfinder(in a rp) but thinks she might be a great allie

[2]equinox: icana is unaware of animus magic or any nightwing powers, so icana beleives she is just as harmless as she is

[3]grima: icana wants to hug him

[4]dogface: icana thinks of this sand/silk hybrid as her friend

[5]prince berkut: icana thinks that he would be a good friend

rinea: (hey, look, the link is done right...) icana thinks that she dosn't deserve berkut, actually

Fyre: icana wants to be friends with this dragon

Seal: Icana used to think that Seal was amazing, and was worthy of writing a musical about. now she kind of hates his guts, and would like to spit a little venom in his face.

Mono: Icana believes Mono is really boring, and is more thrilling when fighting

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  • icana is in a fanfic series called flying into the storm au, and is in the traitor of ice
  • the dots around her eyes are the only scales on her that change color
  • icana has arachnophobia
  • icana can go psychotic by being to clingy
  • loves musicals and the greatest showman(i dont care if these musicals dont exist in WOF)
  • will probably go insane in a fanfic
  • would kill you if you stop caring about her...

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should i change this oc's name? suggestions in the comments!

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