Hydrilla is a female SeaWing / LeafWing hybrid.
This is a collaborative between Blackberry and Delta. Claws off unless you have our permission!

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Creator DeltaTheSeaWing


Aliases Hydrilla
Attribute Warm-Hearted
Element Water
Color Greenish-Blue
Plant Hydrilla
Song Up To Blackberry
Age 12
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Artist
Tribe Sea/Leaf
Goal "Stay safe and have fun!"
Residence An island just off the Summer Palace
Relatives Unknown
Allies SeaWings;LeafWings (See relationships)
Enemies (Too many to name see relationships)
Likes Peace,Quiet,Art,Nature
Dislikes War,Threats,Screams,


Powers Excellent swimmer
Weapons None
Love Interests Kelp
Quote "Why are you so serious all the time? I don't want to study, I want to play!"


The moment you see Hydrilla, you can understand that she is a hybrid. Hydrilla is sort of a greenish blue, sort of a sea-foam color with darker green gills, light green leaf-shaped spines/horns, and a very thick tail. Greenish white glowt-in-the-dark scales, with leaf-shaped wings. Light blue wing membranes and webs between claws. Dark green veins running through her wings. Hydrilla has dark brown eyes, and is rather thin. She wears jade earrings, with matching bracelets, and sapphire necklace. Hydrilla is thin, bony, and wiry. Even though she is considered an adult, she is still very tiny and looks like she will stay that way forever.

Hydrilla is very creative and Artistic. She is also kind and Warm hearted, though she is also Shy. She gets nervous around other dragons, thinking they would judge her for her looks or personality. Hydrilla only trusts her closest of friends and in order to gain that trust, you have to be very careful about what you say. Hydrilla either trusts completely or not at all.


  • Can breathe underwater
  • Excellent swimmer
  • Bioluminescent markings
  • Absorb energy from the sun

Right from the beginning, Hydrilla's parents knew she was going to be frowned upon. Their relationship was forbidden, after all.


Hydrilla's parents met when

Andean and Hydrilla met one day when Hydrilla was pearl diving and she ran into Andean. They quickly became friends.

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