Hurricanescythe is very, very, very, very tall for a TempestWing. He stands 66.6 (Get it?) meters over the average TempestWing. He is black with red markings on his wings. His transitional scales are bright red, and are always glowing. His eyes have red sclera with black irises and black pupils. He has ragged, ripped wings. His claws are long and rigid. His horns are long and straight with a very sharp point at the end. His horns are also cracked in some places. He wears a long black cloak. He is usually carrying a long, sharp, intimidating scythe.


Hurricanescythe was born by the element of death. He started like a normal TempestWing, he hadn't gained any horrifying features. When he was born, he was adorable and handsome. He was also supposed to be a suitor for the eldest princess, when she was born. But, before that could happen the element of fire, a Skywing took him away. When he was crowned the element of death, he gained his horrifying features. You may ask, Why not a Deathwing? Well, because the element of death was hidden in the history of the TempestWing. So, the one who was born by death had to be so of a TempestWing. Now he resides in a forest, with his gang. He resides deep into the forest. He follows the instructions of fire, to repay what fire did for him. So, now he leads a gang who reaps the weak of their pathetic souls.


  • Natureza

His relationship with Natureza could be better...

Hurricanescythe and Warstarter are rivals. They are only slight rivals though. They'll get into fights every so often. They rivalries started from when Warstarter was crowned element of war. As they were both crowned the dangerous elements. They wanted to find out who's element was better.

  • Paix


  • Greed


  • Shame


  • Spike


  • Mystical


  • Fire


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