hovering kite
Background Information
Creator mewis4wes0me42
Main Attribute kindness
Theme Color grey Character Information
Age 6 DY
Gender female
Orientation straight
status mistress
Tribe deathwing
Goal peace and friendship among the tribes
Residence evening's temple
Relatives the rest of the deathwing lady's family
Allies most dragons she meets
Enemies dragons who initiate war
Likes fish-diving, hanging out with friends
Dislikes war, conflict
Powers and abilities normal deathwing abilities
Weapons why would someone like her carry weapons?


kite is mostly darkish grey with lighter grey wings and underscales, she has a very dark grey exocranium. she has a mostly normal deathwing build, but she is a little smaller than average. she rarely ever fights and prefers to talk things out. she will at least try to make friends with any dragon she meets.

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