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Just Shapes & Beats EXTRAS - Houston - Rank S

Just Shapes & Beats EXTRAS - Houston - Rank S


Houston is a light orange SkyWing, who, upon closer inspection, is actually part SandWing. His eyes are dark brown, so dark that they seemingly blend into his pupils. His spines are SkyWing, transitioning into the SandWing sail down the middle of the tail. He wears an earring in the shape of an R in his left ear. His wings are a gradient from light yellow to a slightly brighter orange. His claws are jet black.


Houston is a slightly bossy dragon, who is also seen to avoid going into caves. It is also hinted that he has a slight crush on Tokyo.


It is hinted that Tokyo constantly annoys Houston.

Houston was first seen watching Circle and Orange searching for a large guitar to give to Doryu, who had been M!A'd into his New Game form. Houston had accidentally made himself known, but Tokyo knocked the two Circles out.

Later they passed by Ominous Cave, where Tokyo had a little talk with some fluffy giant cyclops thing, and the two SkyWings left Circle (because Tokyo "felt it in his jellies", totally not referencing a certain Pokemon movie), who almost immediately afterwards got corrupted by the fluffy giant cyclops thing, found out to be Circle's grandfather.

Later Houston is seen pushing a scavenger near the edge of a spire, but is stopped by Sunny. The scavenger's name also turns out to be Sunny, so, two Sunny's.

Later Maria shows Katie and Natalie eight papers, each of Just Shapes and Beats levels as Wings of Fire dragons. Houston and Tokyo were on the eighth page, the entire page being labeled "Other Levels."

Nothing else about Houston is seen in the Nora Logs roleplay.

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