Harbinger was created by Flicker the Overseer.


Harbinger is a DeathWing-TempestWing hybrid. He has an exocranium that isn't fully formed yet and is mostly gray all over with a tinge of blue around his spine and a light yellowish-gray for his underscales. He does have transitional scales, though they are a shiny black instead of a bright color. His spines are a very light gray. His wings are dark gray and his wing stripes are bright yellow. His horns are greenish gray.

He often has a frustrated or annoyed look on his face. (There is a difference!)


He's impulsive, but when he's not being provoked, he's a very good problem solver.

He doesn't like anything that does provoke him (which is quite a lot).


  • Fulmen (positive)
  • Obitum (positive)


Harbinger, as I said before, is only half TempestWing. This made his electrical abilities strange and different.

He can deaden his nerves for a short amounts of time. The more of his body he numbs, the less time he has.

Though this does let him do things without pain, it often causes him to be less careful, and at the end of this period, if he did something that would normally cause him to feel heat, pain, or cold, he experiences a flash of very intense pain.

Regardless of how he uses it, a strong enough shock of electricity prevents him from using this ability for some time, and if he's already using it, it ends the period with even more pain.


He is the son of a TempestWing exile (his mother, Fulmen) and a DeathWing exile (his father, Obitum). He is an exile from both kingdoms himself, but is planning to undertake the Sunset Trials.

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