Tell me if anything here is offensive as this is my first time making a character with a mental disorder (and i probably should have avoided it altogether).
Grouper is drop-dead gorgeous. Shades of aquamarine scales spiral and sea foam scales mirror the torrents. Her baby blue eyes glitter like the ocean's horizon during mid-day. She also has the normal SeaWing royalty pattern on her wings.

Kleptomaniac (definition from google):

Kleptomania is a serious disorder that causes an irresistible urge to steal items that aren't needed and are usually of little value.

Grouper is fairly pleasant before you realize that she took your nail file from your satchel. She doesn't offend or upset anyone naturally. Granted, she is pretty reserved and doesn't engage in deep, meaningful conversation often.

Grouper has some slight self-loathing as a result of her impulses, but doesn't dwell on this often. She is fairly open-minded about solutions to her issue.

Grouper was raised by her mother until her seventh birthday in the deep palace. Once she stole her mother's hand mirror, which which was not an unusual happening. Her mother snapped however and yelled at Grouper up and down the halls of the palace. She woke everyone up before knocking Grouper out with a cooking pan in the main hall.

The queen then decided it would be best if she went to live with her aunt in her apartment in the summer palace for a couple of months. Grouper preferred it there because her aunt never yelled at her. However, she stopped caring about stealing people's things.

Once she stole an old man's trinket not quite inconspicuously enough and he angrily began to approach her. In shock she accidentally dropped his trinket down a storm drain. In desperation he leaped toward the storm drain and began to weep. He looked at her with tear-filled eyes and told her that that was the last gift his brother gave to him before he died into the war. Grouper was speechless. She ran home crying, something she had not done in years.

When she got home, her next-door neighbor asked her what was wrong. Unnaturally, she opened up about everything. He then promised to help her in a peaceful, professional fashion. She has hope something will change now.

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