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Grima is a hybrid of all (canon) tribes created by the SkyWing scientist Forneus. Forneus was careful giving Grima divine dragon blood, causing Grima to be superior. Grima is the true antagonist of Awakening who is attempting to take over the world of dragons and kill every dragon, making he and his army rule superior. Before his name was Grima, his name was just "Creation".

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Grima Reference for Pokeball by Sunset

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Grima (Creation)
Grima the hybrid of all tribes
Background Information
Creator Pokebal
Main Attribute Dark
Elemental Attribute Dark
Theme Animal Crocodile
Theme Color Black
Theme Song Fire Emblem Heroes Book III Boss Battle Theme
MBTI Personality N/A
Character Information
Age Unknown, most likely at least a thousand years
Gender Male
Orientation N/A
Occupation Killer, Divine Dragon, Fell Dragon
Tribe MudWings










Goal To kill all scavengers and weak dragons to allow him to rule the world
Residence Ylissean continent
Relatives Forneus (creator)
Allies Himself

His own army

Enemies Ylissean royalty

The Shepherds

Likes Murder
Dislikes Happy endings
Powers and abilities Animus, all tribe powers (ex: SeaWing underwater breathing)
Weapons Deadly roars, animus magic, etc
Quote "I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the fell dragon, Grima..."


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Grima is a hybrid of all tribes. He has MudWing horns, SeaWing underbelly, RainWing ears and ruff, NightWing head, a SandWing barb, an IceWing tail combined with the barb, SkyWing wings, SilkWing feet, HiveWing stripe patterns, and LeafWing spikes.


Grima is shown to be very brutal and violent, certainly to scavengers and weaker dragons. Wanting to kill them all, he is usually very keen on his plans.



A couple thousand years ago, there was a SkyWing scientist named Forneus who fell in love with a NightWing. However, sometime later, the NightWing died for an unknown reason, causing Forneus to go into a rampage. He created Grima, although he just called it "Creation", but took it way to far. He took a great risk using Divine Dragon blood to make Creation his ultimate creation, and he called it Grima. To make Grima, Forneus in total used herbs, nectar, scavenger and dragon fluids, animus magic, animus genes from Forneus's own blood, and Divine Dragon blood that sealed inside a concotion for 40 days, and Grima was born.



Grima has the abilities of every single tribe in Pyrrhia and Pantala, causing Grima to be a Mary Sue. He is so giant that whenever he roars, it is most likely to break hundreds of scavengers' eardrums at once if they are nearby. Thanks to the animus genes and animus magic he was given by Forneus, Grima also uses animus magic. In the past, he used animus magic too much, causing him to go even more psycho and power hungry.


Hackberry: He doesn't truly appreciate her. Why? Because she's weak to him. He believes that there can be much better dragons unless if she proves herself worthy.

Icana the ice/rain hybrid: He's not sure. Is she worthy?



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