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  • Beautiful
  • Holds herself tall and elegant
  • Usually has a poker face
  • Ruby red scales with tail that fades to brown and head that fades to white
  • Skywing body shape with four Silkwing wings and antennae
  • Patterns of bright yellow and orange that looked like jewels engraved in her scales.
  • Gold specks over entire body
  • Loves to wear jewelery, changes up her stuff every day
  • Has a lot of gold piercings
  • Wears multiple flowers, especially red ones



  • Vain
  • Hopeful
  • Overly Optimistic
  • Brat
  • Similar to Blaze
  • Every hates her
  • She loves everyone
  • Loves flowers, her favorite thing is walking through gardens of red flowers

During war:

  • Symbol of freedom
  • Symbol of hope
  • Leader


  • Grew up as a noble in Jewel Hive
  • Rich
  • (Happens after Silkwings gain more rights)
  • Attended every party
  • Loved Lady Jewel
  • War started between Jewel Hive and Mantis Hive
  • After Golden was the only one that was high ranking, became leader of the Jewel Hive army
  • Became symbol to the Jewel Hive fighters
  • After Jewel Hive won, went back to how she used to be, but a bit less optimistic and a bit stronger





Lady Jewel

Lady Scarab


Tribal: Slightly faster flight, hot silk(not flamesilk, just feels warm, but doesn't burn anything).

Physical: Not to fast or strong, basically a horrible fighter.

Intelligence: All right, but pretty dumb pre-war. After the war, she learned more things about military things, and became a pretty good strategist.


  • She was made for a Aesthetic contest, and was based off of the aesthetic in the infobox


No art yet.

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