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Ginger is small for her age, and is built like a SilkWing, except she has normal wings and some scale patterns are different. Her eyes are large and green, similar to the color of summertime leaves or evergreens.

Her main body is ginger-colored, thus her name. It’s textured like gingerbread as well, with slightly darker specks that are barely visible but there. Her horns and the top of her head are a slightly yellowish white, sharing its colors with white icing. Her spikes alternate between Christmas red and the evergreen color of her eyes, going from red to green to red and back to green again, all the way down to her tail. Her wings are bright red, a lighter shade of the red on her spikes.

She typically wears no jewelry, but sometimes she does where a light brown confectioner cap and a baking apron of sorts. These two items were made from her silk, which makes them soft and hard to wash.


Mother: Ginger is glad that her mother suggested trying her ‘own thing,’ which led her to baking confections. They’re friends, as most Freedom mother-daughter combos are, and Ginger’s mother oftentimes brings her to baking competitions across the island.

Father: Ginger and her father aren’t particularly close, but she’d still consider them friends. Sometimes he tries to steal her confections; only on bad days does Ginger stop him.


Ginger is sweet, and kind to mostly everyone under most circumstances. She loves to eat sweets, like chocolate and gumdrops and icing and gingerbread, and she loves them so much, she’ll refuse to talk to anyone until she’s eaten her morning, afternoon, and nighttime sweets. Her jokes are awful, and she never laughs at anyone else’s jokes, which gains her a bit of disrespect from the few comedians on Freedom.

She’s an excellent cook with a special talent at making gingerbread houses. She never leaves her house, mostly out of fear of nature, as she hates animals and meat because animals may eat her lovely confections before she does. Ginger loves to play in snow, which is why her family lives close to the snowiest place in Freedom. She is very sensitive when it comes to criticism on her confections, and has problems sharing her baked goods that she made specifically for herseself.


Ginger was born and raised on Freedom Island. She had one of the most carefree lives so far. Her mother was a MudWing, a young dragoness who left her sibs to find a war-free home. Her father was a SilkWing, a long-term resident of Freedom Island and a sort of second-in-command for the village leader. The two met, fell in love, and became mates in only a few month’s time. Ginger hatched three years later.

Ginger was introduced to baking when she was two. All the others dragonets were finding their purpose, what they wanted to do to help the adults, so Ginger went to work on her own self-discovery journey. Like all of the dragonets, she took hints and suggestions from the adults. Most said she’d find her calling in time. Others said she had to find it on her own.

She did what all the other dragonets were doing, drawing or painting or playing games. Her mother suggested trying her own thing, her own pastime. Ginger did just that, and it eventually led her to the cooking huts.

Expert chefs taught Ginger how to make cupcakes, donuts, and cookies. She found that that’s what she liked doing most. A year later, when she was three, her parents bought her a little cooking set. At the age of four, Ginger taught herself how to make gingerbread houses, which became her favorite confection to make.

In the three years she’s been baking, the only slightly dangerous thing that’s ever happened to her was when she almost put rotten eggs in the batter. She grew to like her confections, and stopped openly sharing them with anyone but her parents. Ginger often enters baking competitions as well, but she has yet to get in first place.


  • She wants to make a gingerbread house large enough to live in.
  • She’s had her silk since she hatched, and thus never needed to go through Metamorphosis.
  • Sometimes her icing gets mixed, but it never gets on the confections...
  • She always needs twice the amount of eggs the recipe calls for, since she breaks most of the eggs she uses.
  • All of her confections have ginger in them, in some way.
  • She often acts somewhat childish, and some may mistake her for a big three-year-old.


Feel free to draw her if you’d like ^_^

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