Background Information
Creator dinsfire24
Main Attribute Dwarfism
Elemental Attribute Cinnamon
Theme Animal Chihuahua
Theme Color Purple & pink
Theme Song Take A Hint - Victorious
Character Information
Age (DY) 5
Age (HY) 15
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Explorer; part-time comedian
Tribe Silk/LeafWing
Residence Coast of Poison Jungle
Relatives Fern (step-mother), Fireflight (mother), Sunray (father), Ivy (half-sister), Dewdrop (half-brother)
Allies Sunray, Fireflight, Ivy, most leafwings
Enemies Most hivewings, Fern
Likes The sun, being complimented, the jungle, the ocean, being warm
Dislikes Being cold, the dark, pain, the suffering of other dragons, being imprisoned, mean, loud, or nosy dragons
Powers and abilities SilkWing silk, Leafwing abilities, fast
Weapons ^, claws, teeth
Quote "I wish I didn't get ALL the attention. I only need some of it."



Germanium... well, her attitude says it all. Her tail starts at a purple the color of twilight, and slowly it fades to a pink the color of the reflected setting sun reflecting on the clouds. Her eyes glow a fiery orange and her wing membrane is a leafy green. Her wings, sadly, are malformed. She has leaf-shaped wings, but another, under-developed pair of wings hides behind the others; they are non-functional. Her overall stature is small; she will stand below the average female dragon's shoulder when she's full grown.


"Don't touch me!"

Germanium can be summed up in one word: Feisty. She will not let a stranger touch her unless they're a doctor with a degree. She always has energy and must always be doing something. She snaps at anyone who gets on her nerves, and is actually a pretty good fighter. Her friends sometimes joke that her nickname in the army would be "Tiny but Mighty".


"Oh. That."

Germanium doesn't really talk about this early part of her life. She was bullied, for her small stature, until one day. She was going about her life when a group came up to her. They taunted her, calling her weak and useless. She snapped, leaping up to them and attacking. Using the fighting skills she had been practicing in secret to surprise them, she nearly tore them apart until a teacher came over. They questioned her and concluded that she shouldn't be punished or rewarded. After that, the whole school knew not to mess with her.

Special Traits

"Hehe. I like being me."


The most obvious thing about her, her size puts her below any normal dragonet her age. However, don't be fooled...


Germanium is quite skilled at fighting; if she puts her mind to it, she can overpower an opponent twice her size. However, this is very tiring for her and she doesn't do it often.


She is quite fast due to her dwarfism. The muscles she has gained from fighting help too.


"I've got some... curious things."

  • Germanium has dwarfism.
  • She hates getting wet.
  • She can hardly fly; her second pair of wings is just a deadweight for her.


"I've got friends... and enemies."

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