First of all, General Winter Glade belongs to me, GGarison.


Winter Glade has peacock blue & (70%) cool grey scales, a light peacock blue underbelly, violet blue transition scales, and ultramarine eyes. White horns and spikes that are straight like an IceWing's, her wing membreans are an imperial violet, while the stripes are a dark aqua, aquamarine, and light aqua. She has an athletic/strong build.


Dragons see Winter Glade as an unemotional dragon who loves to fight, but she's not completely like that. She does like to fight though and she's a strict TempestWing, who has a soft side that only her closest friends will see. She is also loyal to Queen Nightshade and will do anything for her.


Winter Glade was bullied as a dragonet because of her light colored scales. She ran away at the age of 5 and met a MudWing solder who lost his siblings in a skirmish, and took her in. She then asked if he could train her for five years, and he reluctantly agreed. After five years of training, at the age 10, WG waved goodbye to her MudWing friend and went back to her tribe, once she was there, she immediately registered for the TempestWing army. After they sighed, they let her join, after that, she began climbing up the ranks for ten years until she made general at the age of 20.


  • Queen Nightshade - She thinks she's a good queen
  • King Fireblade - She thinks he's too nice


  • She thinks they're ok


  • She thinks most of them are annoying


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