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Galatheid is Marx's sona.

I am a foole
Background Information
Creator Marx
Image Artist Marx
Coding Unique
Theme Color Pink and blue
MBTI Personality INTP
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Asexual Aromantic
Occupation Artist
Tribe SeaWings
Residence Possibility
Relatives Torrential (Mother) Fierasfer (Father)
Likes Most sweet foods, tea, bright colors (especially pink), sleeping, cats, crustaceans, cephalopods, warm places, the ocean, coconuts, weird sea animals, oranges, candy, bread, glitter and other shiny things
Dislikes The cold, big crowds, bananas and pineapples, centipedes, math, snow, bland colors, getting dirty, ice, things that seem too clean, monkeys, bitter foods, bones
Powers and abilities Typical SeaWing abilities, immunity to any sort of mind control


Galatheid is a thin, sleek SeaWing dragonet. She's far from the most formidable-looking dragon, especially since you can tell even from just a quick glance that she isn't the most physically powerful dragon around. Instead, her light build makes it clear that she probably wouldn't do very well in a fight.

She almost always has a calm expression, with tired, heavy lidded eyes and a small smile at most. Many dragons mistake her expression as a smug one...and maybe it is sometimes. Even when she's excited or upset about something, Galatheid still usually maintains her typical indifferent expression, which she sometimes feels bad about. As a result, she'll occasionally purposely make over-the-top expressions in an attempt to make up for it.

Her typical stance is just as tired as her expression. She has a bad posture and usually doesn't stand quite straight, and her wings and webs tend to droop slightly.

Most of Galatheid's scales are a soft, pale blue, with the scales on the top of her head and down her spine being a slightly darker shade. Her underbelly, however, is light pink- a color it shares with her wing membranes and the webbing along her body. The edges of Galatheid's gills and the insides of her ears are an even lighter pink. The inside of her mouth is blue-purple, with her tongue being a slightly lighter shade of this color. Her glowing scales are a slightly darker pink than her underbelly, and on both sides of her tail, near the tip, she has a glowing scale that's heart shaped. Galatheid keeps her scales pristine and polished as much as she can, although they're oddly glittery even without that.

Galatheid's horns are slightly longer than an average SeaWing's horns, though they have the same curving shape. At the base, her horns are blue, but they fade to purple in the middle and pink at the tips. They share this coloration with her claws. Like her scales, Galatheid keeps them perfectly clean and shiny.

Scattered across her body are a few small, old scars, barely noticeable even if you were to look closely for them. For the most part, these scars actually come from pretty mundane things, like Galatheid tripping and getting scraped or bumping into something.

Despite Galatheid's affinity for jewelry and shiny things, she typically doesn't wear any, being too worried that she'd lose or damage it. On the rare occasion that she does wear any of her jewelry, it's not much- usually just a little silver necklace with a single pearl in the middle. She never, ever wears earrings, as she finds them to be too uncomfortable.


Galatheid, on the surface, seems like a cool and confident dragon. She does her best to be polite to others- even those she's not fond of. At the same time, however, she's still rather distant- while friendly enough, she's frequently bad at keeping up conversations and keeping in contact with others. She also takes quite a while to truly warm up to others, and her general tiredness makes her reluctant to do a lot of activities with others.

These traits can sometimes lead strangers to assume that she thinks she's too good for them. This isn't helped by her melodramatic sense of humour, which frequently includes jokes involving things like marrying her own reflection, and her near-constant concern over the cleanliness of her scales.

In reality, Galatheid is far from being truly confident. For one thing, even now, she's still rather shy, although she does her best not to show it. Her weird jokes certainly help to hide her worries. She's a very nervous dragon, too, often overthinking things and convincing herself of the worst scenarios. However, she also worries about how other dragons would react if she ever vented to them or even just showed much genuine displeasure with anything- and as such, she almost never expresses her concerns. Instead, she bottles her feelings up until she can't stand to anymore. Predictably, this doesn't end well.

However, at the very least, she is willing to- and enjoys- "arguing" over petty things, like what kind of chocolate is the best (anything but dark, you disgusting bitter-tongued fools) or what color combinations are prettiest (not silver and blue that's for sure, unless you like to look at the blandest things in Pyrrhia).

Her apparent lack of serious problems, along with some of her previously mentioned traits, make some dragons to view her as shallow and lazy. Deep down, Galatheid is bitter about this, but it's not like she actually ever does anything about it. She's actually pretty determined at times, however- if she wants to get something done, she will do her best to do so. Of course, if it's not something she actually wants to do… she's significantly less dedicated to it. In a similar way, she's incredibly patient when it's something she's willing to wait for.

When not directly involved in something- or just when not talking- Galatheid usually silently observes whatever's going on around her. Sometimes this is beneficial to her, but other times, she notices things that just add to her worries. Either way, she tends to remember a lot of the small details that she overhears, even if she can be forgetful when it comes to other (sometimes more important) things.

She sometimes bases her view of others on what they say and do even before interacting with her- for example, if Galatheid noticed a dragon acting needlessly rude to someone else, her opinion of them would quickly become low even if she never spoke to them. Additionally, as previously mentioned, she'll probably remember it. She's not very forgiving, either, holding grudges endlessly unless given a very good reason to let go of them.

Galatheid also really hates being lied to. She believes that the truth is more important than what's most convenient, though she's also against this being used as an excuse to be nasty to others and acknowledges that there are some cases where it's better to avoid the truth. Still, she has trouble actually lying to others herself- while she could, she doesn't like doing it at all, and avoids it as much as she can.

This shouldn't be taken as meaning that she's always totally open and blunt, though- along with her closed-off nature, Galatheid can also be a bit mischievous, and will frequently mess with others in small ways, so long as it won't cause serious problems.

Galatheid is firmly against rules she sees as too strict or unfair, too. While she supports things that help dragons who need it, she still leans much further into a more chaotic alignment than a lawful one, and in most situations, Galatheid sets her own freedom and interests as her highest priorities.


Galatheid hatched in a little SeaWing village in the Bay of a Thousand Scales, on an island so small many SeaWings don't even know it exists. Her parents, Fierasfer and Torrential, were both busy dragons with jobs that frequently kept them away from home for days at a time. Neither of the two had been very prepared to care for a young dragonet.

Torrential did her best to stay home as much as she could during the first year of Galatheid's life, teaching the dragonet the basics of things like reading, Aquatic, and swimming. She could only do so much, though, and Galatheid was still left alone often.

Fortunately, Galatheid didn't mind too much. Although she would have liked to spend more time with her parents, the dragonet enjoyed the peace and quiet. Her few neighbors helped too, helping to keep an eye on Galatheid while her parents were gone and make sure she was safe. None of them had dragonets her age- they were all old enough that any dragonets they had would have grown up and moved away already- but they were friendly to Galatheid anyways.

Even then, Fierasfer and Torrential still felt guilty. While their neighbors were kind, Galatheid didn't have any real friends. They also wanted Galatheid to be able to learn more than just the things she had been taught at home. As a result, shortly after Galatheid turned 1, her parents made the choice to enroll her in the nearest school.

Galatheid was not excited about this, to say the least. She didn't know much about school, but from how it had been described to her, she really didn't like how it sounded. The idea of being sent off with complete strangers all day and having to listen to one of them seemed strange, boring, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but despite her complaints, Fierasfer and Torrential would not change their minds.

When the day finally came for her to go to her first day of school, Galatheid still wasn't enthusiastic about it. Torrential brought her to the school that day, showing Galatheid how to get there by herself and wishing her daughter a good day before leaving for her job.

Even before Torrential left, Galatheid instantly hated it. There were too many new dragons all at once and most of them seemed to know at least one other student already. As the rest of the dragonets chatted amongst themselves before class started, Galatheid hung back and nervously, feeling like an awkward outsider. As the class began, Galathei's anxieties remained. While the other students introduced themselves or asked questions or gave answers, Galatheid sat silently, listening carefully but not giving any of her own input.

The teacher, an old SeaWing by the name of Pelagic, took notice of this, and he wasn't happy about it. He asked to see Galatheid before she left, and when she went to him later, he demanded she answer one question: how was she already so miserable and uncooperative?

Startled, Galatheid tried to explain her worries, but Pelagic interrupted her, snapping that she had no excuse and that she needed to get better already if she ever wanted to succeed. Too upset and taken aback to say anything, Galatheid just nervously nodded and left.

When she got home, both of her parents were, as expected, gone. Normally at that point Galatheid would have done something in the village, maybe take a walk or say hi to one of her neighbors. That night, though, Galatheid felt too awful and drained to do anything but sit in her room, thinking about how horribly the day had gone until she fell asleep.

In the years following, Pelagic's treatment of Galatheid got worse. It was clear to Galatheid that for whatever reason, the old SeaWing hated her. No matter what Galatheid did, no matter how hard she tried, he just wasn't satisfied. In fact, if anything, he just seemed to get more and more furious with her as time went on.

Pelagic never missed an opportunity to berate Galatheid whenever her work wasn't perfect, then accuse her of lying and cheating when she did well. He would complain about her lack of participation in the class, then make it a point to ignore her when she finally got the confidence to try. When Galatheid tried to ask him for help on an assignment once, he hissed that she should know what to do already, only to yell at her when she did poorly on it and tell her that she should have asked for help. He would frequently "lose" assignments after she turned them in, either making her do them again or accusing her of never doing them in the first place. He made it clear to her again and again that he thought she would be a failure. The worst was when he caught Galatheid sketching things in class as she worked- he yanked the dragonet's talons away from the drawing and growled that he didn't teach a frivolous, useless art class, and that if she wanted to be anything useful, she needed to stop wasting her time with something so worthless.

His near daily negative treatment of Galatheid made her feel more and more useless and unhappy as time went on. Her grades in school were often low, something neither she or her parents were happy with. Eventually, despite her best efforts, Galatheid broke down one of the nights when Fierasfer was home. She tried to vent to her father, only for him to absentmindedly dismiss her and tell her that she just wasn't trying hard enough, along with saying that she needed to calm down and enjoy school now because it would only get worse when she got older.

A few days later, when Fierasfer had left again and Torrential was home, Galatheid tried to talk to her instead. She was more hopeful about what her mother would say, as she had always been closer to her than she was to Fierasfer. But Torrential was just as dismissive as Fierasfer had been. She just told Galatheid that she had no reason to be so upset, especially since some dragons had it worse than her, and that her unhappiness was unwarranted.

Galatheid completely gave up on trying to please Pelagic after that. She also didn't try to talk to anyone about her problems again. As she stopped caring so much about attempting to make Pelagic happy, her grades started to get worse and worse, to the point that eventually, her parents were contacted about it.

The next week, Fierasfer and Torrential were both home for a night, and they were furious about their daughter's slipping grades. They demanded to know why she was doing so poorly.

At first, Galatheid almost apologized and told her parents that she'd try to do better in the future. But then she remembered how they had acted when she tried to talk to them about her problems in school, and before long, years of pent-up anger and resentment finally exploded into a vicious argument. It wasn't pretty, and it only ended when Galatheid stormed into her room once she started getting a headache from all the screaming.

As Galatheid sat in her room, still furious, she heard footsteps near her door. It was Fierasfer. Without opening the door, he spoke to her, telling her that he was disappointed with her and that she needed to fix the problem before the next time he and Torrential were both home.

That snapped Galatheid out of her anger, if only because it reminded her that she had to go to school the next day. The thought of facing Pelagic even one more time made her feel sick. As the night went on, she found herself unable to sleep, too worried about what would happen the next day, until an idea occurred to her. Maybe she didn't have go see Pelagic again.

Maybe she could just leave.

When Galatheid awoke the next morning, having finally gotten some sleep after she made her choice, she realized that Fierasfer and Torrential had already left for their jobs. A part of her felt sad at the idea that she wouldn't even get to tell them goodbye, even if they wouldn't have realized how final of a goodbye it was intended to be. She shoved the thought away and told herself she didn't care. She packed a small bag, and left her house. This time, though, rather than swim towards school, she began flying toward the coast of mainland Pyrrhia.

As the sun began to set, Galatheid looked for somewhere hidden to rest for the night. She ended up finding a little cave on the side of an island. The cave seemed to have been used at least once before- in it Galatheid found the tattered remains of a few books, and, more interestingly, a worn-down metal box. Curious, Galatheid opened the box and in it was a necklace. It looked fairly normal, but it seemed to give off an odd energy. Galatheid ignored it and took the necklace anyways.

Her schedule of traveling by day and resting each night continued until she reached the coast of the MudWing kingdom. She spent that night considering her options from there.

After a bit of consideration, she decided to head for the city of Possibility, which she'd heard a bit about from one of her neighbors. They'd told her that dragons of all tribes lived there. With that knowledge, Galatheid figured she wouldn't stick out too much.

For the first dew days after arriving in Possibility, Galatheid tried to stick to the outskirts of the city. She was hoping to get a little more used to how different it was from her old home before looking for a place to stay. However, before she really got the chance, she met Marula- when the SandWing suddenly slammed into her on the street.

Galatheid was pretty sure it was on purpose, too, judging by how excited and proud to have gotten her attention the SandWing looked. Marula instantly launched into asking questions ("Is pink a normal SeaWing color? What does it feel like to have gills?") and telling Galatheid how excited she was to finally get the chance to talk to a SeaWing. She didn't give Galatheid any chance to answer or respond in any way until, finally, she asked for her name.

Still a bit taken aback by the sudden SandWing and the multitude of questions, Galatheid barely managed to mumble her name before slipping away with the excuse that she had to get home. Before she got too far, Marula cheerfully told her goodbye and that she'd see Galatheid around.

At first, Galatheid tried to avoid seeing Marula again. After all, even if she tried to hide it, it wasn't as though her shyness had totally disappeared upon arriving in Possibility (and besides, Marula hadn't given the best impression at their first meeting). Somehow, though, Marula kept finding her, and while it bothered Galatheid in the beginning, as time went on, Marula's excitable, friendly nature (and the fact that she would not give up) slowly won Galatheid over.

They started to meet up more regularly, although unlike before, both dragonets looked forward to it now. They typically met near one of the city's bridges. Galatheid was careful to keep Marula far from the spot she'd found just outside the city to sleep at, not wanting anyone else to know she'd still failed to find a better place to stay.

Eventually Marula offered Galatheid to come to her house for dinner one night. Although a bit nervous about meeting more new dragons, Galatheid accepted, knowing that Marula was excited for it. She was suspicious of Marula's reasoning, however, convincing herself that it was because Marula had secretly discovered that Galatheid didn't have any actual house or anything and only felt bad.

Marula's parents were a bit surprised by Galatheid. While Marula has told them that she was having a friend over, they hadn't expected this friend to be a sparkly SeaWing dragonet. They weren't unfriendly, however- just a bit nervous for some reason Galatheid couldn't quite figure out.

Galatheid ended up going to Marula's house a few more times after this. Eventually, Marula convinced her to stay overnight- and that this option would almost always be open, if she wanted. Galatheid was grateful and suspicious at the same time, although she didn't mention anything to Marula about it.

After this, as time went on, Galatheid ended up becoming mildly well-known in certain parts of Possibility for her art, with a few dragons commissioning her for portraits and the like. She also met another friend of Marula's: a SkyWing dragonet named Chalcedony. For a while, Galatheid felt- for the most part- content with where she was.

And then Brumal showed up.

He was an IceWing, around the same age as Galatheid, Marula, and Chalcedony. He had clearly been in a few serious fights before- he had a few large scars, his wings were torn in some spots, and one of his horns had been broken at some point. He was prickly, serious, and scornful of dragons he deemed lazy or weak- dragons like Galatheid and her friends. He was in Possibility for some sort of business, staying in an inn that wasn't even that close to Marula's house, yet somehow it seemed he was constantly showing up wherever Marula was. Of course, Marula somehow ended up befriending him, and following her lead, Chalcedony did, too.

Galatheid, on the other hand, couldn't stand Brumal. He reminded her a bit of Pelagic, he was overly abrasive, he disagreed with her on almost everything, and there was something about him that just didn't sit right with her. Marula was hopeful that this would change, reminding Galatheid that she hadn't liked Marula at first, either.

Yet Galatheid never warmed up to Brumal. If anything, as time went on, her opinion of him only got lower and lower. Almost everything about the way be acted infuriated her- especially the scornful comments he made about her friend group. She was sure her dislike of Brumal was mutual, too- many of his remarks seemed to be directed specifically towards her.

For the most part, though, she simply ignored Brumal as best she could, keeping her anger to herself. On the rare occasions that she did hint at her frustrations to Marula, however, the SandWing always just ended up awkwardly saying something about how he didn't really mean it, and that he was really a nicer dragon deep down.

What Galatheid never told Marula about at all was her growing distrust of Brumal. Although she still wasn't sure exactly what it was, she was sure there was something going on with the IceWing. Something that would explain why he refused to tell anyone what the "business" he was in the city for actually was, and why he was constantly hanging around despite his supposed busyness and the distance from where he stayed to Marula's house.

But she was also sure that Marula would have excuses for his more suspicious behaviour. Or that she'd think Galatheid was being ridiculous and looking too far into small details. Or dismiss it as nothing but jealousy. Or anything else that would just make Galatheid feel bad.

Bringing it up to Chalcedony, was, of course, even more out of the question. If Galatheid didn't trust Marula enough to tell her anything, there was no way she would say anything to Chalcedony. And besides, he was closer to Brumal than Marula was, anyways. There was no way he'd listen even if she did try to talk to him.

So Galatheid ended up keeping her worries to herself. She tried to push them away, telling herself it was stupid to be so wary of him and that she was just overreacting because she didn't like him. And besides, she was being hypocritical! And her friends trusted him, obviously, so what was the big deal? And so on.

It didn't work, of course. In fact, it had the opposite result. Each time she thought of an explanation that might quell her worries, she also quickly shot it down. Before long, she became more and more consumed by her fears, to the point where it started to distract her from everything else.

It also started messing with her sleep schedule. Galatheid had always been the type to stay up late, but after her relentless worrying began, this habit got much worse. She began staying up later and later, spending most nights thinking about her anxieties over and over again for hours on end.

Eventually, it was her disrupted sleep that caused her to finally discover what was going on with Brumal. One night, when she was headed home later than usual, she noticed Brumal walking further down the street in an angry, hurried manner. Her curiosity and distrust of the IceWing got the better of her and she decided to follow him.

As she snuck after him, she was careful to stay in spots where she would be hard to see if he turned around and to step lightly, hoping to make as little sound as she could. Eventually, he came to a stop slightly outside of the city, in a spot next the river that was sheltered from onlookers by some plants. She hid as close as she thought she could get without being noticed and watched.

Before long, an older IceWing landed in front of Brumal and began to speak with him. Galatheid couldn't hear everything that they said, and plenty of what she did hear was vague- but she was sure she heard something about Marula's family mentioned several times.

Eventually, their meeting seemed to come to an end and the older IceWing left, leaving Brumal by himself. The IceWing dragonet stayed for a few more minutes, muttering to himself in frustration before leaving as well, headed back into the city.

Galatheid, however, stayed in her hiding spot for the rest of the night, thinking over what she had seen. Brumal really was up to something. And she really knew it for sure now. He wasn't alone, either. She'd seen it with her own eyes.

And yet at the same time, she hadn't actually heard everything. For all she knew, it was some sort of misunderstanding. And no one would believe her if she tried to tell them, anyways. Her friends would probably think she was lying or that she just had a weird dream or that she was seeing things or something like that. She decided that she had to see more before she took any sort of action.

In the following weeks, Galatheid spied on a few other meetings between the two IceWings. Once she figured out a rough idea of what their schedule seemed to be, she even started hiding before the two showed up and waiting for them to arrive. Most of the meetings were just as confusing as the first one she'd watched. They seemed to consist mostly of Brumal giving the other IceWing updates on the last week or so and little facts about Marula's parents. Occasionally, Brumal would bring up Marula herself, or Chalcedony and Galatheid, but the older IceWing was barely interested.

Until he suddenly was. That night, the older IceWing was the one who showed up first, much to Galatheid's surprise. Every other meeting she'd observed had Brumal arriving before the other IceWing.

When Brumal did come, he seemed just as startled. He didn't get the chance to greet the other dragon or give his strange report- the older IceWing started talking almost instantly. He said something about it being "time to give those two a message they won't be able to ignore"- and then he told Brumal that he was to maim Marula.

The rest of the meeting was a blur. Galatheid didn't even listen to the other parts of it. The moment the other IceWing gave Brumal his instructions, she could only focus on one thing- how to stop Brumal. There wasn't any more time to watch him and worry and wonder if she was somehow wrong about him.

Something had to be done that night.

It seemed like forever had passed when suddenly her attention was brought back to the IceWings by a sudden furious hiss from one of them. She briefly wondered if they had spotted her, but when she looked to see, all she saw was Brumal storming off in the other direction, following the river.

It took all of her self control to not go after him instantly. Although she was terrified he might go right to Marula's house, she knew it would be stupid to give herself away to the older IceWing, who was still there.

It was only after the older IceWing finally left that she snuck out of hiding. She slipped into the river to swim after Brumal, hoping she would be faster doing that than running or flying. She stayed under the water's surface, knowing that she would stand a much better chance against Brumal if she could surprise him.

She found him sitting by the water.

The next morning, Galatheid woke up far later than usual, and yet she was still exhausted. She had to practically drag herself to Marula's house. When she got there, she found the SandWing dragonet pacing back and forth, worried about Brumal. Puzzled, Galatheid asked why.

Marula explained that usually, the IceWing was awake and active before Marula and any of her friends (especially Galatheid, Marula noted, much to the tired SeaWing's annoyance). He also almost always stopped by at some point to see her, at least for a few moments.

That morning, though, Brumal hadn't shown up at all. Normally, Marula wouldn't have been too worried, but when she asked Chalcedony about it, the SkyWing hadn't seen him either.

Then Marula asked Galatheid if she would help her check Brumal's room. Galatheid reluctantly agreed, but when they arrived at the inn, the room he stayed in was empty. Marula asked the innkeeper, an elderly MudWing, if they'd seen Brumal, but they, too, said the IceWing hasn't shown up at all since leaving the night before.

They suggested that perhaps he was busier than usual and hadn't come back yet because he was off sorting something out. He always talked about being in the city for work, after all. Marula agreed with the innkeeper, although Galatheid could tell she was still worried.

Galatheid couldn't help but feel troubled as well. She had expected to feel much more at ease without Brumal around, and yet she still had the nagging feeling that something was wrong. She refused to acknowledge the possibility that it was guilt. She wouldn't feel guilty over this.

A few days passed by. Galatheid still felt wrong. She found that she could sleep more easily now, but at the same time, she felt more drained and exhausted then she had before Brumal's disappearance. Seeing Marula and Chalcedony's worrying didn't help.

As always, she refused to let anyone know that there was anything wrong. She stayed as outwardly cool and faintly smug as always. When they mentioned Brumal, she reassured her friends that he was a tough dragon who would probably be fine no matter what he encountered while he was off doing whatever it was he was gone for.

It wasn't lying if she said things that were technically true, she reasoned to herself.

It didn't work for long, anyways. Eventually Marula and Chalcedony still decided that they should go look for Brumal. Galatheid tried to point out that searching for a dragon who'd left days ago probably wouldn't end in anything but disappointment, but they insisted it was worth a try.

Galatheid reluctantly went along with them, although she made sure to complain about how muddy and rainy and unpleasant it was going to be. And then about how muddy and rainy and unpleasant it was, once they actually left. To her relief, both of her friends seemed to assume that it was just the weather and her dislike of mud that was making Galatheid act so difficult. It helped that it really was part of the reason.

It took most of the day before they found anything. As it started getting darker, the group was about to give up. Galatheid was just starting to feel relieved when Chalcedony suddenly froze, his gaze locked on something in the distance. He ran over to it, Marula close behind him. Galatheid followed a few moments after, her heart sinking. She knew already what he had seen.

It was Brumal. His wing was caught on a branch that prevented him from drifting any further, and his horns and spikes had leaves and twigs and mud stuck in them. His head was facing down, still underwater.

Marula and Galatheid pulled him out of the water together as Chalcedony looked on, too horrified and sickened to move. Galatheid stood by as Marula pulled the debris from his spikes, trying to come up with some sort of explanation as she tried to make his body look a little less ragged and pathetic.

He must have fallen and hit his head somehow, she reasoned. And then because it was so late…no one saw him. No one could have known he needed help. Galatheid saw the guilt in her expression- she must have been blaming herself for not going looking for him sooner, even though it would never have saved him.

They buried him outside the city that night, beneath a tall palm tree. Chalcedony had refused to watch- he didn't want the last time he saw Brumal to be his sodden body, half covered in mud and stones. Marula mentioned several times that she was worried about Brumal's family, and that she felt bad that she didn't even know who or where they were.

Galatheid was silent as she helped bury the IceWing. Part of her wanted to say something to lessen Marula's guilt, but she couldn't think of anything. She was too focused on her thoughts. She couldn't believe they'd actually found Brumal, and mostly intact. He should have drifted further. He should have been torn apart by scavenging animals. She should have been more thorough in making sure no one would find him.

It would have been better for her If he'd never been found. Now she had to deal with seeing their grief, and it would be harder to keep her secret now. It would have been better for her friends, too, of course. If all they knew was that Brumal had disappeared, they would have been able to go on thinking that he left Possibility on his own. Sure, they'd still worry, and it might have hurt them to think that he'd left with no explanation or goodbye, but at least they wouldn't have had to know that he was dead.

At least Marula and Chalcedony thought Brumal's death was just an accident, Galatheid told herself. It wasn't much comfort, but at least she wouldn't need to worry about them poking around and trying to investigate it or something.

Once Galatheid and Marula were done burying Brumal, though, Marula confided that she'd seen something she hadn't wanted to tell Chalcedony about yet. Before Galatheid could ask what she meant, Marula continued: near the base of Brumal's neck, there had been deep claw marks. Sure, Brumal often had small scratches and such, but something about these ones seemed...different to Marula. They weren't deep or big enough to have killed him, but they still seemed off somehow to her. She couldn't remember if they'd been there before he disappeared or what, or what it could mean if they weren't, or if she should tell Chalcedony too…

Galatheid stayed silent for a moment longer. There was only one of those questions she could help answer without lying or making Marula suspicious. As slowly and evenly as she could manage, she told Marula that it wasn't a good idea to let Chalcedony know anything. Not yet, at least. That he was heartbroken and horrified enough already- he didn't need to wonder if someone had murdered Brumal.

To her relief, Marula reluctantly agreed.

After that night, for a while, everything seemed...alright again. Not quite good, of course. Good was obviously too much to expect after after everything that had happened, especially for Chalcedony and Marula, who were still grieving for Brumal- but at least Brumal was still gone, and it didn't seem as though anyone was seriously investigating his death.

Granted, Marula would occasionally whisper theories to Galatheid ("What if another IceWing got him? They have those nasty serrated claws…"), but it didn't happen often. It was worrying when it did, but it didn't seem like Marula was all that serious about any of them.

And she never brought up the possibility that a dragon with gills and hooked claws drowned Brumal. Galatheid wasn't sure why. It really was so obvious. She wasn't going to point it out anytime soon, though, especially since Marula ignoring SeaWings in her theories worked out to Galatheid's advantage.

Unfortunately, as things were beginning to settle down, Galatheid found herself drifting away from her friends a bit. It wasn't intentional, of course- but it was harder to talk to Marula and Chalcedony now, and she was busy with her art, and, of course, she felt so tired all the time. Even when she did meet up with them, it felt...different somehow, and she usually left just feeling bad about how awkward it had felt.

On the brighter side of things, though, she met some other dragons she could consider friends during this time- some through her art, others just by chance meetings or some other means.

A month or so passed this way, with Galatheid's meetings with Marula and Chalcedony growing ever more infrequent. Galatheid pushed her guilt over this to the side, as she always did. She couldn't help but notice that Marula seemed a bit...displeased with the way things were going, too, which was probably the worst part. It was one thing to be aware of the changing friendship herself, but when her friends clearly noticed it too, something about it seemed significantly worse.

But things stayed generally pleasant on the surface, at least, even if a bit uncomfortable. Even if Galatheid found herself missing more and more that was going on with her friends. Even if she had started to spend most of her time with them worrying about the slightest change in tone and expression and why it had happened, gradually convincing herself that they'd found out her secret and just didn't want to mention it for whatever reason.

And then, one night, as she was leaving a gathering with Marula and Chalcedony, Galatheid's fears came true. She had left a bit early, saying that she was just tired. Marula had caught up with her before she left the city, asking if there was something wrong.

Taken aback, Galatheid asked what she meant. Marula said that Galatheid had been off lately- barely showing up and leaving earlier and earlier- and she wanted to know why. Marula asked if she- or Chalcedony- had done anything wrong, or if Galatheid had something going on, or something else.

Galatheid gave a vague answer meant to reassure Marula that it was alright, she was just busier and tired lately, and started to leave again- but Marula suddenly asked a question that stopped her in her tracks.

"Galatheid...did you kill Brumal?"

Stunned and horrified, Galatheid asked why Marula would even ask that. Part of her was hoping that it was just a random guess she could talk her way away from, but another part was shocked that Marula had actually asked.

Marula, voice shaky, responded that it just made sense. Galatheid had seemed more distant since Brumal's body had been found. There was the fact that he had drowned and seemingly dragged down by someone, judging by those claw marks. And, of course, Galatheid had never liked Brumal.

Galatheid was horrified...but she wasn't going to lie, especially now when there was no point in trying to deny it. Reluctantly, Galatheid admitted that yes, she had killed Brumal- but insisted there was a reason for it, that he was dangerous and that it had to be done, that-

Marula interrupted her, asking why Galatheid had resorted to murder rather than just... warning Marula and going from there.

Galatheid, frustrated, asked if Marula would have even believe her. Marula said that of course she would have- though Galatheid didn't think she was telling the truth, not that it mattered at this point.

Suddenly, before Marula could stop her, Galatheid turned to flee. She couldn't stand to stick around any longer, worried about what Marula might say now or that she'd attack her or something. Marula tried to follow, and before long, Chalcedony was there too- the SkyWing had eventually followed Marula to see what was up, and although he hadn't heard their full conversation, he could tell something was wrong.

Marula begged him to catch Galatheid, though she still didn't explain exactly what was happening. Chalcedony started to fly after Galatheid, and he just about caught up to her- only for her to slip into the river when she realized he was coming after her.

And while Chalcedony may have been fast in the air, neither he or Marula were built for swimming quickly. Galatheid escaped through the water.

For a while, Galatheid stayed away from the city. She hid in the place she'd been staying at since she first arrived- despite her previous worries, she was pretty sure now that Marula didn't actually have any idea where it was. She barely left it for a few weeks, only going outside when necessary to look for food and such.

She snuck into the city a while later, as she needed to buy something. She entered through the river and kept an eye out for Marula or Chalcedony the whole time. To her relief, she didn't run into them. She wasn't sure how they'd react to her now, and whether it'd be with hostility or not, she was pretty sure she couldn't face them anyways.

After her first successful trip back into the city, she started coming back more frequently again, whether to continue selling her art, buy things, or talk to her other friends. She thought she saw Marula in crowds a few times- but if it was her, she never seemed to notice Galatheid, or maybe she was trying to avoid her too.

Either way, Galatheid was just glad not to have to deal with that awkard reunion, though she still remains cautious and alert just in case every time she visits Possibility out of worry of how her former friends might react to her. If worse comes to worse, she's pretty sure she could escape them again- but she doesn't want it to come to that.


[Feel free to ask for a character to be added, as long as we've talked before and they're from a canon tribe!]

Torrential- Early on, Galatheid and her mother were as close as they could be with Torrential's busy schedule. As time went on, however, they drifted apart quite a bit, up until the argument the night before Galatheid left home. Galatheid tries not to think much about her mother now.

Fierasfer- Galatheid had a more distant relationship with her father, even before she left home. They didn't dislike each other by any means, but she found it more difficult to talk to him than it was to talk to Torrential. It didn't help that he was home less often, too. They both wanted to work on having a closer relationship, but before that could happen, Galatheid left. She insists it doesn't bother her.

Marula- Despite Galatheid's initial annoyance with her, Marula was Galatheid's best friend. Their personalities, while different, balanced eachother out in ways that helped both of them. However, their friendship wasn't perfect- Galatheid's distrust and refusal to admit any problems extended to even Marula. They haven't spoken since the truth about Brumal's death was discovered.

Brumal- Galatheid hated Brumal, to say the least. She couldn't see what Marula and Chalcedony saw in the prickly IceWing. From the moment they met, she thought he seemed like an obnoxious, untrustworthy slimehead. Her hatred and distrust of him got worse as time went on, all the way up to his death.

Chalcedony- Although Galatheid wasn't as close to Chalcedony as she was to Marula, the two were still friends, with Galatheid appreciating the SkyWing's welcoming yet mischievous attitude. She's pretty sure he wouldn't be quite as welcoming if she ran into him now.

Fantasy- Galatheid is rather fond of Fantasy, especially since she shares quite a few interests with the hybrid. (Like glitter. How can she not appreciate a fellow lover of glitter?)

Devereux- Galatheid respects and is impressed by Devereux's strong conviction in his beliefs, and she appreciates the tribrid's more reserved nature.

Maple- With how intimidating and blunt Maple can be to others, one might expect Galatheid would get along poorly with her. However, the opposite is true- instead, Galatheid really likes Maple. She thinks the hybrid's fun and her writing is impressive, and that Maple's much nicer than she gives herself credit for. She also enjoys messing with Maple in little ways- such as, most notably, cursed anti-bone comments.

Twilight- Although Galatheid doesn't talk too regularly with Twilight, she still thinks that she's a pretty cool dragon and enjoys seeing her around every so often. Additionally, she thinks that Twilight is a good artist, and likes seeing her work.

Forget-Me-Not-Galatheid's contact with Forget-Me-Not is also a bit infrequent, but she still hopes the best for the IceWing-RainWing and likes talking to them. She also thinks that Forget-Me-Not's content is nice, and greatly enjoys the dynamic shading in their art.

Jelly- Jelly is another dragon Galatheid finds pleasant despite not talking to her all that often. (Hmm, maybe she needs to chat with people more...) She thinks that Jelly seems nice, and that her art is cool- and also that she's continuing to improve quickly. Also, she can't help but appreciate a fellow pink SeaWing, and thinks Jelly and her name are both very pretty.

Isla- Although they haven't actively spoken in a little bit (again, on Galatheid), Galatheid still respects Isla a lot, and hopes she succeeds in her musical endeavours. She thinks Isle is fun and has an incredible eye for aesthetics, as well as pretty good taste in things- for example, swimming, chai, chocolate, etc? All indeed very good. And centipedes really ARE awful.

Vaporwave- Galatheid likes talking to Vaporwave quite a bit, though her shyness also makes it so that she's, as always, somewhat infrequent when it comes to doing so. She shares several interests with them, and finds the sheer detail and creativity in their content to be impressive. She also greatly respects how easily Vaporwave seems to indulge in their interests, something she sometimes has trouble with letting herself do.

Raindrop- From what she's seen of the SilkWing-NightWing, Galatheid thinks that Raindrop seems like a sweet dragon, and hopes she can be happy. She'd really like to whack her parents in the face with her tail, though. She also thinks that Raindrop's goal of spreading happiness is a nice one, and agrees with the hybrid that a dragon's freedom of mind is an important thing to maintain.

Morpho- Galatheid thinks that Morpho seems like an outgoing and well-meaning dragon, although she doesn't know the hybrid all that well. She also, like with Vaporwave, thinks that it's nice to see that Morpho is happy and willing to do things with her interests.

Fadedwalker- Galatheid thinks that Fadedwalker is a nice, fun dragon to talk to. Galatheid also hopes that she can be helpful to Fade despite sometimes not being all that great with giving out advice. She also shares several interests with Fade, which is always nice.

Cactus- Cactus is one of the dragons that Galatheid thinks is sweet, pleasant to talk to, and really nice. Seriously, it seems like Cactus is extra on top of things like gifts and payment, it's really impressive, and she's generally just a cool dragon anyways.

Chord- text

Candy Heart- text


-Galatheid is named after the galatheid crab.

-Galatheid's favorite color is bright pink.

-Galatheid is the (self-proclaimed and unofficial) "Eternal Glitter Overlord".

-Galatheid's favorite flavor is cotton candy, which is also what her colors are based on.

-While she doesn't seriously dislike them, Galatheid frequently complains about octopi, saying that they "can't even decide on what their plural is!" Of course, it's not octopuses who are supposed to decide these things, but that doesn't change anything for Galatheid, who insists on calling poor octopodes "octowhatevers" out of spite.

-Of all the bitter things out there, coffee is one that Galatheid hates slightly more than the rest. If you ask her, coffee is a vile mistake that tastes like how she imagines licking dirt would be like.

-Despite her name, her favorite crustacean is the coconut crab, though she also really likes isopods.

-She really loves all types of cats, but if she was forced to pick only one to be her absolute favorite, she'd go with servals.

-She has a bad habit of talking too quickly, sometimes to the point of jumbling words together.

-She prefers smaller, more enclosed areas to wide open ones.

-Her pale coloration and glittery scales have led a few dragons to joke that if she just had a few more spikes, she could almost blend in with a group of IceWings.

-Despite how sparkly she is, Galatheid is surprisingly good at being stealthy, and even when she doesn't mean to, she occasionally shocks others by just sort of showing up unnoticed.

-Her egg's shell was a very pale purple-ish color with a pearlescent sheen to it.

-She used to enjoy reading scrolls, but now, she often lacks the time and motivation to start any new ones, and it seems to take her longer to finish ones she does start.

-Her immunity to mind control came from the necklace she found. However, she's not even aware that the necklace is enchanted. She still just likes it because it's pretty.

Galatheid modern infobox 1
Background Information
Creator Marx
Image Artist Marx
Coding Unique
Theme Color Pink and blue
MBTI Personality INTP
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Asexual Aromantic
Occupation Artist
Tribe SeaWings
Residence A small village in the SeaWing Kingdom
Relatives Torrential (Mother) Fierasfer (Father)
Likes Glitter, cotton candy, bath bombs, glitter glue, gel pens, pink, heaters, Splatoon, Kirby, Pokémon, Starbound, corgis, hearts, stars, and diamonds, interesting sweets, pajamas, paint, big sweaters, late nights, glowing things, bonelessness
Dislikes Winter, tight clothes, jeans, elephants, school and most teachers, strong cleaning supplies (especially the smell), too restrictive ideas and dragons who try to enforce them even if they aren't canon, a wide variety of foods with nasty textures, normal socks, damp, drippy places and things, bones
Powers and abilities Typical SeaWing abilities, immunity to any sort of mind control


Just like in the canon timeline, Galatheid has pale blue scales, pink underbelly, webs, and wing membranes, and so on.

Her posture is more noticeably bad in the modern timeline- it's just easier to see how she barely stands up straight when she's standing on two legs. Part of it is because carrying around a way-too-heavy bag for school has had a negative effect on her back, though she has a tendency to curl up or slouch anyways.

She usually wears too-big sweaters and pajama pants, even in warm weather, although she sometimes does wear t-shirts and shorts when it's warmer too. Many of her clothes are stained with old paint from when she was working in art classes or on Halloween costumes- despite her concerns over cleanliness and her preference for neat lines in digital art, Galatheid is a terribly messy painter.

She often carries a pastel pink bag with a cat face on it with her. The bag is covered in cutesy keychains such as little sparkly hearts and a tiny Litwick. The contents vary, but frequently include her holographic pink wallet and neon pink squid-shaped Switch case (the zipper being a smaller squid!) along with some candy that she stuffed into it.

Somehow, she frequently has at least a little bit of glitter on her. It's almost like she poured glitter on her bed so she could wake up sparkly. (That's exactly it, actually.)


Galatheid's personality is almost the same as it is in the canon timeline.

However, it is worth mentioning that she's ever so slightly more outgoing online. Still nervous, of course, but being able to reply to things at her own pace, for example, makes talking to new people a bit easier for her. Granted, she'll still take ages to warm up to people and be active somewhere, but it's still better than it would be otherwise.

She also has much more of a chance to observe from the sideline in the modern timeline and is incredibly glad that, while it's got flaws, the internet makes it easier to see who's obnoxious and/or gross and who's not.


Galatheid's history in the modern timeline starts off similar to that of the canon timeline.

She was still raised in a small village, and didn't have much contact with dragonets her age. Her parents eventually sent her to school and Galatheid hated it. As the years passes by, Galatheid encountered a variety of difficulties from her teachers- not just one this time, but several throughout the years, many of them seeming to take an odd joy out of being awful to students.

However, while Fierasfer and Torrential still didn't fully grasp how unhappy she was because of school, when Galatheid admitted her troubles to them in this timeline, they were less dismissive than in the canon timeline. Additionally, in the modern timeline, Galatheid had more ways to spend time and distract herself from her troubles in school.

As a result of these differences, she never ran away from home. In fact, Galatheid's actually never even left the SeaWing kingdom at all im this timeline. She's traveled to other parts of it, sure, but she's still never been to another kingdom. (She's also never been to certain major areas of the SeaWing kingdom, too- for example, she's never seen the Deep Palace in person.)

Along with her problems in school over the years, Galatheid has also had some other, more positive things happen. She's improved on art and writing a lot (though she's still not all that great at the latter), met several friends, found a variety of things she's still interested in, become mildly well-known in certain areasn and gotten a job.

Currently, she's close to the end of high school- and although she still detests school, she's also not terribly excited for what comes afterwards, though she's trying to not focus on that.


Canon trivia still applies, this is just for modern-exclusive trivia!

-Although she's more of a cat person than a dog person, Galatheid still likes some dogs- her favorites are corgis and huskies. She also thinks ferrets and snakes are really cute, leading to some jokes from her family that she loves animals more the less leg they have.

-She's actually more interested in cats than art, but she knows she's not getting into any animal-related career anytime soon.

-She's set herself on fire before. (Twice.)

-She has small collections of Groudon, Xurkitree, and Splatoon-related items.

-She's finished Kirby Super Star Ultra's True Arena over 100 times. (She kept tally on her old 3ds until it broke.)

-She wants to name a cat Dirt someday.




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