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Galatheid is Marx's sona.

Background Information
Creator GlamorousSneaking
Image Artist GlamorousSneaking
Coding Ice
Theme Color Pink and blue
MBTI Personality INTP
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Asexual Aromantic
Occupation type here
Tribe SeaWings
Residence Possibility
Relatives Torrential (Mother) Fierasfer (Father)
Likes Sweet foods, tea, bright colors, sleeping, cats, crustaceans, warm places, the ocean, coconuts, oranges, candy, bread, glitter and other shiny things
Dislikes The cold, big crowds, bananas and pineapples, centipedes, math, snow, bland colors, getting dirty, ice, things that seem too clean, monkeys, bitter foods
Powers and abilities Typical SeaWing abilities, immunity to any sort of mind control


Galatheid is a thin, sleek SeaWing dragonet. She's far from the most imposing dragon, especially since you can tell even from just a quick glance that she isn't the most physically powerful dragon around. Instead, her light build makes it clear that she probably wouldn't do very well in a fight.

She almost always has a calm expression, with tired, heavy lidded eyes and a small smile at most. Many dragons mistake her expression as a smug one. Even when she's excited or upset about something, Galatheid still usually maintains her typical indifferent expression, which she sometimes feels bad about. As a result, she'll occasionally purposely make over-the-top expressions in an attempt to appear less uncaring.

Most of Galatheid's scales are a soft, pale blue, with the scales on the top of her head and down her spine being a slightly darker shade. Her underbelly, however, is light pink- a color it shares with her wing membranes and the webbing along her body. The edges of Galatheid's gills and the insides of her ears are an even lighter pink. Her glowing scales are a slightly darker pink than her underbelly. Galatheid keeps her scales pristine and polished as much as she can, although they're oddly glittery even without that.

Galatheid's horns are slightly longer than an average SeaWing's horns, though they have the same curving shape. At the base, her horns are blue, but they fade to pink at the tips. They share this coloration with her claws.

Scattered across her body are a few small, old scars, barely noticeable even if you were to look closely for them. For the most part, these scars actually come from pretty mundane things, like Galatheid tripping and getting scraped or bumping into something.

Despite Galatheid's affinity for jewelry and shiny things, she typically doesn't wear any, being too worried that she'd lose or damage it. On the rare occasion that she does wear any of her jewelry, it's not much- usually just a little silver necklace with a single pearl in the middle. She never, ever wears earrings, as she finds them to be too uncomfortable.


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Galatheid hatched in a little SeaWing village in the Bay of a Thousand Scales, on an island so small many SeaWings don't even know it exists. Her parents, Fierasfer and Torrential, were both busy dragons with jobs that frequently kept them away from home for days at a time. Neither of the two had been very prepared to care for a young dragonet.

Torrential did her best to stay home as much as she could during the first year of Galatheid's life, teaching the dragonet the basics of things like reading, Aquatic, and swimming. She could only do so much, though, and Galatheid was still left alone often.

Fortunately, Galatheid didn't mind too much. Although she would have liked to spend more time with her parents, the dragonet enjoyed the peace and quiet. Her few neighbors helped too, helping to keep an eye on Galatheid while her parents were gone and make sure she was safe. None of them had dragonets her age- they were all old enough that any dragonets they had would have grown up and moved away already- but they were friendly to Galatheid anyways.

Even then, Fierasfer and Torrential still felt guilty. While their neighbors were kind, Galatheid didn't have any real friends. They also wanted Galatheid to be able to learn more than just the things she had been taught at home. As a result, shortly after Galatheid turned 1, her parents made the choice to enroll her in the nearest school.

Galatheid was not excited about this, to say the least. She didn't know much about school, but from how it had been described to her, she really didn't like how it sounded. The idea of being sent off with complete strangers all day and having to listen to one of them seemed strange, boring, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but despite her complaints, Fierasfer and Torrential would not change their minds.

When the day finally came for her to go to her first day of school, Galatheid still wasn't enthusiastic about it. Torrential brought her to the school that day, showing Galatheid how to get there by herself and wishing her daughter a good day before leaving for her job.

Even before Torrential left, Galatheid instantly hated it. There were too many new dragons all at once and most of them seemed to know at least one other student already. As the rest of the dragonets chatted amongst themselves before class started, Galatheid hung back and nervously, feeling like an awkward outsider. As the class began, Galathei's anxieties remained. While the other students introduced themselves or asked questions or gave answers, Galatheid sat silently, listening carefully but not giving any of her own input.

The teacher, an old SeaWing by the name of Pelagic, took notice of this, and he wasn't happy about it. He asked to see Galatheid before she left, and when she went to him later, he demanded she answer one question: how was she already so miserable and uncooperative?

Startled, Galatheid tried to explain her worries, but Pelagic interrupted her, snapping that she had no excuse and that she needed to get better already if she ever wanted to succeed. Too upset and taken aback to say anything, Galatheid just nervously nodded and left.

When she got home, both of her parents were, as expected, gone. Normally at that point Galatheid would have done something in the village, maybe take a walk or say hi to one of her neighbors. That night, though, Galatheid felt too awful and drained to do anything but sit in her room, thinking about how horribly the day had gone until she fell asleep.

In the years following, Pelagic's treatment of Galatheid got worse. It was clear to Galatheid that for whatever reason, the old SeaWing hated her. No matter what Galatheid did, no matter how hard she tried, he just wasn't satisfied. In fact, if anything, he just seemed to get more and more furious with her as time went on.

Pelagic never missed an opportunity to berate Galatheid whenever her work wasn't perfect, then accuse her of lying and cheating when she did well. He would complain about her lack of participation in the class, then make it a point to ignore her when she finally got the confidence to try. When Galatheid tried to ask him for help on an assignment once, he hissed that she should know what to do already, only to yell at her when she did poorly on it and tell her that she should have asked for help. He would frequently "lose" assignments after she turned them in, either making her do them again or accusing her of never doing them in the first place. He made it clear to her again and again that he thought she would be a failure. The worst was when he caught Galatheid sketching things in class as she worked- he yanked the dragonet's talons away from the drawing and growled that he didn't teach a frivolous, useless art class, and that if she wanted to be anything useful, she needed to stop wasting her time with something so worthless.

His near daily negative treatment of Galatheid made her feel more and more useless and unhappy as time went on. Her grades in school were often low, something neither she or her parents were happy with. Eventually, despite her best efforts, Galatheid broke down one of the nights when Fierasfer was home. She tried to vent to her father, only for him to absentmindedly dismiss her and tell her that she just wasn't trying hard enough, along with saying that she needed to calm down and enjoy school now because it would only get worse when she got older.

A few days later, when Fierasfer had left again and Torrential was home, Galatheid tried to talk to her instead. She was more hopeful about what her mother would say, as she had always been closer to her than she was to Fierasfer. But Torrential was just as dismissive as Fierasfer had been. She just told Galatheid that she had no reason to be so upset, especially since some dragons had it worse than her, and that her unhappiness was unwarranted.

Galatheid completely gave up on trying to please Pelagic after that. She also didn't try to talk to anyone about her problems again. As she stopped caring so much about attempting to make Pelagic happy, her grades started to get worse and worse, to the point that eventually, her parents were contacted about it.

The next week, Fierasfer and Torrential were both home for a night, and they were furious about their daughter's slipping grades. They demanded to know why she was doing so poorly.

At first, Galatheid almost apologized and told her parents that she'd try to do better in the future. But then she remembered how they had acted when she tried to talk to them about her problems in school, and before long, years of pent-up anger and resentment finally exploded into a vicious argument. It wasn't pretty, and it only ended when Galatheid stormed into her room once she started getting a headache from all the screaming.

As Galatheid sat in her room, still furious, she heard footsteps near her door. It was Fierasfer. Without opening the door, he spoke to her, telling her that he was disappointed with her and that she needed to fix the problem before the next time he and Torrential were both home.

That snapped Galatheid out of her anger, if only because it reminded her that she had to go to school the next day. The thought of facing Pelagic even one more time made her feel sick. As the night went on, she found herself unable to sleep, too worried about what would happen the next day, until an idea occurred to her. Maybe she didn't have go see Pelagic again.

Maybe she could just leave.

When Galatheid awoke the next morning, having finally gotten some sleep after she made her choice, she realized that Fierasfer and Torrential had already left for their jobs. A part of her felt sad at the idea that she wouldn't even get to tell them goodbye, even if they wouldn't have realized how final of a goodbye it was intended to be. She shoved the thought away and told herself she didn't care. She packed a small bag, and left her house. This time, though, rather than swim towards school, she began flying toward the coast of mainland Pyrrhia.

As the sun began to set, Galatheid looked for somewhere hidden to rest for the night. She ended up finding a little cave on the side of an island. The cave seemed to have been used at least once before- in it Galatheid found the tattered remains of a few books, and, more interestingly, a worn-down metal box. Curious, Galatheid opened the box and in it was a necklace. It looked fairly normal, but it seemed to give off an odd energy. Galatheid ignored it and took the necklace anyways.

Her schedule of traveling by day and resting each night continued until she reached the coast of the MudWing kingdom. She spent that night considering her options from there.

After a bit of consideration, she decided to head for the city of Possibility, which she'd heard a bit about from one of her neighbors. They'd told her that dragons of all tribes lived there. With that knowledge, Galatheid figured she wouldn't stick out too much.

For the first dew days after arriving in Possibility, Galatheid tried to stick to the outskirts of the city. She was hoping to get a little more used to how different it was from her old home before looking for a place to stay. However, before she really got the chance, she met Marula- when the SandWing suddenly slammed into her on the street.

Galatheid was pretty sure it was on purpose, too, judging by how excited and proud to have gotten her attention the SandWing looked. Marula instantly launched into asking questions ("Is pink a normal SeaWing color? What does it feel like to have gills?") and telling Galatheid how excited she was to finally get the chance to talk to a SeaWing. She didn't give Galatheid any chance to answer or respond in any way until, finally, she asked for her name.

Still a bit taken aback by the sudden SandWing and the multitude of questions, Galatheid barely managed to mumble her name before slipping away with the excuse that she had to get home. Before she got too far, Marula cheerfully told her goodbye and that she'd see Galatheid around.

At first, Galatheid tried to avoid seeing Marula again. After all, even if she tried to hide it, it wasn't as though her shyness had totally disappeared upon arriving in Possibility (and besides, Marula hadn't given the best impression at their first meeting). Somehow, though, Marula kept finding her, and while it bothered Galatheid in the beginning, as time went on, Marula's excitable, friendly nature (and the fact that she would not give up) slowly won Galatheid over.

They started to meet up more regularly, although unlike before, both dragonets looked forward to it now. They typically met near one of the city's bridges. Galatheid was careful to keep Marula far from the spot she'd found just outside the city to sleep at, not wanting anyone else to know she'd still failed to find a better place to stay.

Eventually Marula offered Galatheid to come to her house for dinner one night. Although a bit nervous about meeting more new dragons, Galatheid accepted, knowing that Marula was excited for it. She was suspicious of Marula's reasoning, however, convincing herself that it was because Marula had secretly discovered that Galatheid didn't have any actual house or anything and only felt bad.

Marula's parents were a bit surprised by Galatheid. While Marula has told them that she was having a friend over, they hadn't expected this friend to be a sparkly SeaWing dragonet. They weren't unfriendly, however- just a bit nervous for some reason Galatheid couldn't quite figure out.

Galatheid ended up going to Marula's house a few more times after this. Eventually, Marula convinced her to stay overnight- and that this option would almost always be open, if she wanted. Galatheid was grateful and suspicious at the same time, although she didn't mention anything to Marula about it.

After this, as time went on, Galatheid ended up becoming mildly well-known in certain parts of Possibility for her art, with a few dragons commissioning her for portraits and the like. She also met another friend of Marula's: a SkyWing dragonet named Chalcedony. For a while, Galatheid felt- for the most part- content with where she was.

And then Brumal showed up.

He was an IceWing, around the same age as Galatheid, Marula, and Chalcedony. He had clearly been in a few serious fights before- he had a few large scars, his wings were torn in some spots, and one of his horns had been broken at some point. He was prickly, serious, and scornful of dragons he deemed lazy or weak- dragons like Galatheid and her friends. He was in Possibility for some sort of business, staying in an inn that wasn't even that close to Marula's house, yet somehow it seemed he was constantly showing up wherever Marula was. Of course, Marula somehow ended up befriending him, and following her lead, Chalcedony did, too.

Galatheid, on the other hand, couldn't stand Brumal. He reminded her a bit of Pelagic, he was overly abrasive, he disagreed with her on almost everything, and there was something about him that just didn't sit right with her. Marula was hopeful that this would change, reminding Galatheid that she hadn't liked Marula at first, either.

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Torrential- Early on, Galatheid and her mother were as close as they could be with Torrential's busy schedule. As time went on, however, they drifted apart quite a bit, up until the argument the night before Galatheid left home. Galatheid tries not to think much about her mother now.

Fierasfer- Galatheid had a more distant relationship with her father, even before she left home. They didn't dislike each other by any means, but she found it more difficult to talk to him than it was to talk to Torrential. It didn't help that he was home less often, too. They both wanted to work on having a closer relationship, but before that could happen, Galatheid left. She insists it doesn't bother her.

Marula- Despite Galatheid's initial annoyance with her, Marula was Galatheid's best friend. Their personalities, while different, balanced eachother out in ways that helped both of them. However, their friendship wasn't perfect- Galatheid's distrust and refusal to admit any problems extended to even Marula. They haven't spoken since the truth about Brumal's death was discovered.

Brumal- Galatheid hated Brumal, to say the least. She couldn't see what Marula and Chalcedony saw in the prickly IceWing. From the moment they met, she thought he seemed like an obnoxious, untrustworthy slimehead. Her hatred and distrust of him got worse as time went on, all the way up to his death.

Chalcedony- Although Galatheid wasn't as close to Chalcedony as she was to Marula, the two were still friends, with Galatheid appreciating the SkyWing's welcoming yet mischievous attitude.

Fantasy- Galatheid is rather fond of Fantasy, especially since she shares quite a few interests with the hybrid. (Like glitter. How can she not appreciate a fellow lover of glitter?)

Devereux- Galatheid respects and is impressed by Devereux's strong conviction in his beliefs, and she appreciates the tribrid's more reserved nature.

Maple- text

Twilight- text

Carp- text

Forget-Me-Not- text


-Galatheid is named after the galatheid crab.

-Galatheid's favorite color is bright pink.

-Galatheid is the (self-proclaimed and unofficial) "Eternal Glitter Overlord".

-Galatheid's favorite flavor is cotton candy, which is also what her colors are based on.

-While she doesn't seriously dislike them, Galatheid frequently complains about octopi, saying that they "can't even decide on what their plural is!" Of course, it's not octopuses who are supposed to decide these things, but that doesn't change anything for Galatheid, who insists on calling poor octopodes "octowhatevers" out of spite.

-Of all the bitter things out there, coffee is one that Galatheid hates slightly more than the rest. If you ask her, coffee is a vile mistake that tastes like how she imagines licking dirt would be like.

-Despite her name, her favorite crustacean is the coconut crab, though she also really likes isopods.

-She really loves all types of cats, but if she was forced to pick only one to be her absolute favorite, she'd go with servals.

-She has a bad habit of talking too quickly, sometimes to the point of jumbling words together.

-Her pale coloration and glittery scales have led a few dragons to joke that if she just had a few more spikes, she could almost blend in with a group of IceWings.

-Despite how sparkly she is, Galatheid is surprisingly good at being stealthy, and even when whe doesn't mean to, she occasionally shocks others by just sort of showing up unnoticed.

-Her immunity to mind control came from the necklace she found. However, she's not even aware that the necklace is enchanted. She still just likes it because it's pretty.


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