Fynbos, nicknamed, "Fyn", is a young male LeafWing, around 8 dragon years old. He's smaller than a LeafWings should be for his age, and his body is slightly stockier than a typical lean and lithe LeafWing. He is a dry savanna grass green, with more lush-colored underscales and horns, and tawny brown eye-markings. His wings are slender for his tribe, and are a pale agave green. He has no scars on his body, and wears spectacles. He sports an earring on his left ear, and carries a grass-woven basket pouch, made from cattails, dry shrubs, and wild cereal grass. His eyes are an abnormal reddish-pink color in the iris, with black pupils that look brownish from a distance because of the surrounding colors.


Fynbos is a pretty unsuspecting dragon. He tries his best to hide and blend into the forests that remain, and keeps to himself when around friendly dragons. He's never quick to anger, and appears to be a fairly passive dragon. However, this is because he doesn't like to show much emotion. A deep follower of stoicism, Fynbos tries to act mature, and bottles up his feelings. All of his anger towards Queen Wasp(though not HiveWings in general), all of his sadness at losing his home and family, and all of his loneliness, gets pinned up and swept away under the carpet, boiling up beyond control. He tries his best to cope, but Fyn doesn't have anyone to talk to, or anything to take out his frustration on. Some say that's why he created Protea.

When not have a constant existential crisis at the thought of his insignificant exist being ended at the hands of Queen Wasp, he can actually be a really nice dragon. He's known for being kind to animals around him, and, as LeafWings photosynthesize, does not feel the need to eat as often, and tries to avoid making any organism that feels pain(basically all life) suffer more than necessary. He's a sweetheart, albeit with a whole load of issues that he'd prefer not to dump on any friendly or helpful dragon he meets in his travels. He tries, overall, to keep himself composed.


Fynbos was hatched by his mother, (Botswana) Wonder, alone in the forest. She did her best to raise him in secret, in an abandoned HiveWing greenhouse, for several years. However, when he turned 5 dragon years, they were spotted by a HiveWing under Queen Wasp's control, and had to flee. Fynbos, small for his age, quick dove for cover into the thick bush to camouflage, but his mother wasn't fast enough. Fynbos hid for hours, never looking back to see what had happened. He could only assume the worst at that time. He coward away for years, until something inside of him finally snapped. From the memory of his mother, came Protea.

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