Formic is a Hivewing dragonet


Formic is a Lanier hivewing than normal. He has a standard pattern of black scales, but all his scales that aren't black are a shade of light brown. His scales that arent a shade of light brown are a dull yellow. The yellow patches on his scales are small and melt into his brown scales.


Formic is very subdued. He will attempt to do anything if sucess is likely, but he favors a multitude of failsafes when he is forced to risk failure. He has a strong fear of failure.


Formic was raised in the same hive as Antharax. Growing in the same hive, the grew up thinking they were both brothers. when They were attacked by Silkwing extremists, Formic was forced to use barbs on the silkwings killing them. This set off a fascination for dead things in Antharax. A few years later, they were invited to the summit and accepted into Jade Mountain. Eventually, when He was assigned to skyfire winglet, he began to get into seveeral incidents involving his brother, creating an even stronger fear of failure within him. He told Krynn about this, hoping not to let his entire winglet know. Krynn then told him that his winglet wouldnt look down on him for a secret or an incident. Afterward, he tole the rest of his winglet.


  • Formic is named after a race of insecticide aliens that frequently appear in Orson Scott Card's science fiction stories
  • Formic and Antharax are mirrors of BrightBlade and Pulsar
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