Everyone knows hybrids are banned from Phyrrhia, so why take that risk?

Would you risk you and your dragonets safety, in the name of love?

Would you risk everything for nothing?

Would you do the Forboded, Would you risk the Forbidden?

Would you make only for your creations to be destroyed?

Would you be the rule breaker in the adapted Phyrrhia?

I know that I would.

Chapter One

I was on scout duty to scout the un-scouted, and I was alone. I had been chosen to scout ahead of the rest of the dragons, and of course, lost my way. I had seen smoke rising over some hill and turned to tell the rest of the scouts, but couldn't figure out which way was back.

So I had ended up going toward the smoke alone, my only weapon a scavenger sized flare, not meant for any damage. I saw sparks rising toward the sky and knew that over this hill was a fire.