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Background Information
Creator 🌙
Infobox Artist Cloud the SeaWing
Main Attribute Bitterness
Elemental Attribute Water- it can be calm and beautiful, but it is one of the most powerful and brutal forces on earth
Theme Animal Butterflies- specifically the Blue Morpho
Theme Colors Pale pinks and blues
MBTI Personality ISTJ "The Logistician"
Character Information
Age 8
Gender Female
Occupation Writer,
Tribe Sea/Silk
Orientation Bisexual
Allies Aloe and Vera (past), Carolina (present)
Likes Flying, dancing, hanging out with friends, Aloe (past), Carolina (present)
Dislikes being pitied
Powers and abilities
Ships Alter- Aloe X Flutter

Flutterlina- Carolina X Flutter

Quote "I'm broken, okay? I'm broken, and you can't fix me. I can see the pity in your eyes! I thought you were different from everyone else. I thought you cared!"


"silent tears hold the loudest pain"

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"I try so hard and it isn't enough"

Flutter has a very willowy build. Her snout, horns, and antennae are like those of a SilkWing, though most of her build is like that of a SeaWing. She has pale silver glowscales on her underbelly, but not her snout or wings. She has webbed talons and fins along her spine and underbelly. Her topscales are an azure color, with her mainscales being a lighter powder blue. Her underbelly is a very pale blue-gray, almost white. She has the butterfly wings of a SilkWing. Her wings are vast and fluttery, like her namesake, and the color of pink rose petals.


Flutter may be mute, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything to say. Flutter is practical, strong-willed, and dutiful. She likes order, and sometimes gets very stressed out or snappish when she feels things are disorganized or not going according to plan. At times she can be stubborn, insensitive, and cruelly bitter. She is also moody and easily annoyed. It's easy to get under her scales. Above all,the thing that annoys her the most is when other dragons pity her.

Flutter cares a lot about what other dragons think, despite not liking most dragons she knows and thinking of them not worth her time. This self-doubt is something that drives her motives and ultimately pushes her past her breaking point. Flutter truly believes that she needs other dragons to accept her if she wants to be happy, a misguided mindset that causes her to be very sensitive and feel alone. She cares so much about what other dragons think about her that she is willing to change herself just to be accepted. Most dragons think of Flutter as a calm, gentle dragon, and are completely unaware of the anger, fear, and bitterness welling up inside of her that she is unable to express.


Flutter never met her SilkWing father- he left before she was even hatched. She grew up in a small house close to the ocean with her mother, Tidalwave. Ever since she was a dragonet, Flutter always felt like she was a disappointment to her mother. Already distraught from her mate's departure, Tidalwave was pushed over the edge when Flutter was hatched and the doctors told her the little hybrid was mute. "These things just happen with hybrids. They come out a little wrong" was what they told Flutter's mother. For the rest of Flutter's life, Tidalwave was constantly trying to figure out what was wrong with her little daughter. Even as a hatchling, Flutter was moody, anxious, and antisocial. Intensely private, she spent most of her time ignoring her mother, and Tidalwave couldn't accept this. Flutter was constantly told off for things she couldn't help, or forced to socialize when she didn't want to. All of Flutter's relationships were toxic and emotionally harmful for both dragons. Flutter was different, and the other dragons teased her viciously. Being mute made it hard- she could never retort when the others made fun of her. Tidalwave was ashamed of her daughter and constantly scolded her for weakness. Whenever she cried, Tidalwave would lock her daughter in a dark room for hours or even days, and little Flutter would lie helplessly on the floor, sobbing.

This treatment finally sunk in, and Flutter became even more reclusive and antisocial, frightened to show any emotion lest she be judged for it. She was hollow inside- completely and utterly alone in the world. She vowed to never trust another dragon for as long as she lived.

Then Aloe stumbled into her life, and simultaneously, into her heart. Aloe was awkward and quirky, and he didn't treat her any differently than any other dragon. Flutter was hesitant to get close to him, but she would be ashamed to admit that she hadn't been as hesitant as she would have liked. The two did everything together- sometimes with the addition of Aloe's hatchingmate Vera. To say that Flutter fell head over heels in love with Aloe would be an understatement- and she thought he returned her affections.

She was wrong.

When an argument between Flutter and Vera led to Vera's death, Aloe blamed Flutter. It had been an accident- she swore it had- but inside of her, she wondered if that was really true. She hadn't meant to kill Vera, but she had started the fight, angry that Vera was warning Aloe not to be mates with her.

But Flutter had just made it worse for herself. "Vera warned me you were dangerous," he yelled at Flutter, before turning around and running into the night.

The next thing she knew, she was in prison for murder.

Flutter was devastated. What had she done? For the first time in years, Flutter cried. She cried because she felt lost and alone; because she thought someone finally loved her for who she was; because she had lost the only shred of light in her life.


Upside Down- Wings Of Fire Animation Meme

Upside Down- Wings Of Fire Animation Meme

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