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Background Information
Creator Darkdragon2670
Main Attribute Falls in love with dragons way too easily.
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Peregrine falcon.
Theme Color Dark red
Theme Song Stitches - Shawn Mendes
MBTI Personality Defender - ISFJ
Character Information
Age Thirteen
Gender Male
Occupation Prison Guard
Tribe DeathWings and NightWings
Goal Stop falling in love with the prisoners
Residence Cave in the L.S.
Relatives Sister - Necromancer.
Allies His friends.
Enemies Dragons he likes.
Likes Nightingale and food.
Dislikes No known dislikes.
Powers and abilities Green fire.
Weapons Uses the scythe on his tail.
Ships No known ships.
Quote "No one else can break my heart like you..."

"It's hard not to look into your eyes and lose myself in them."
~Flatline to Nightingale

Flatline's scales are transparent, like most DeathWing scales, but are darker than usual - they seem much closer to the color black than just gray. Under the light of the moon, they glitter like they were speckled with the starry scales that a NightWing has. He also has a mask like normal DeathWings and his eyes are blood red. On his tail, he has a scythe that he uses to capture the blood his enemies.

"You're just jealous because I'm so much more handsome than you are."
~Flatline to Nightingale

Flatline tends to fall in love with the prisoners that he is assigned to watch - a bad habit that he tries desperately to erase. When his attempts to get rid of it fail dramatically, then he tries to win over the other dragon with some romantic sayings.

"He always does this! He just falls in love with dragons he doesn't even know!"
~Nightingale to Fantasy and Moondust.

Flatline feels extremely attached to his older sister, Necromancer. He is also quite sensitive and when dragons reject his love, it lowers his faith in himself. He also has angoraphobia, which is an anxiety disorder.

"Thank you for visiting my page!"
~Me as I appreciate your company.

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