Firestar dragon picture
Background Information
Creator Sandwing 101
Artist Jos98ie
Main Attribute His Loyalty
Theme Element Carnelian(Crystal)
Theme Animal Cat
Theme Color Red and Orange
Theme Song Light It Up-Fall Out Boy
Character Information
Age 20
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Leader of ThunderClan
Tribe SkyWing-NightWing
Goal To keep ThunderClan safe until he dies
Residence ThunderClan camp
Relatives Nightcaller(father), Flamecatcher(Mother), Scurge(Half-brother, deceased.)
Allies Ashfur, ThunderClan
Enemies Scourge, Tigerstar
Likes ThunderClan
Dislikes Scourge, Tigerstar
Powers and Abilities Firebreath, nine lives
Ships Open
Quote "He killed Tigerstar..."

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The first thing you notice when you see Firestar is that he has fur on his scales. Firestar provoked an animus, which resulted in the animus making him have fur on his scales like a cat. His furry scales are red-orange in color, and has light orange underscales. He has silver stars on his red wing membranes that fade to orange. Firestar's eyes are forest green, with black tabby markings on his forehead. He has whiskers on his nose, which are another part of the animus curse. Firestar has large ears like a cat, and a big, bushy tail like a cat as well.


Firestar is a kind, loyal, and brave SkyWing-NightWing hybrid. He's very smart, though very unorganized and clumsy.


When he was young, he was cursed by an animus dragon to look like a cat, which he hated cats. He had provoked the animus by saying animus magic was a curse, and the animus dragon had taken it the wrong way, so they cursed Firestar. He regrets what he said every day. Later in his life, he met Ashfur. They became good friends, and went on many adventures together. A dragon named Tigerstar wanted to kill Firestar and his friends, so Tigerstar sided with a dangerous gang of criminals. Unfortunately for Tigerstar, the leader of the gang, Scourge, killed him and threatened Firestar and his friends. Firestar and them fought in a large battle with many dragons, and he killed Scourge and the gang was scattered across the continent. After things calmed down, Firestar and his friends formed a group of their own, and named it Thunderclan. He led the group, and are currently found in a valley in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. A year later, the animus that cursed him found him and Thunderclan. He had heard of Firestars good deeds, and gave him a gift: Nine lives. Firestar was surprised when the animus offered this, and he accepted them.


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Feathertail: Firestar likes this dragon, and would like to get to know them better.

Fantasy: Firestar considers Fantasy a friend, and likes her personality. he quite likes her Selkie Wiki.

Holly and Evergreen: Firestar likes these twins. He thinks that Holly is nice, and likes it when she listens to him when he talks. He sometimes finds Evergreen a bit awkward, ut likes her.


Firestar dragon picture

By Jos98ie, so cool!


  • Firestar is based off of Firestar in the Warriors series.
  • His best friend is Ashfur.

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