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~Heya heya
~You're a wanderer, just like me
~Heya heya
~Do you really know where you're going?
Firefly Night is a female NightWing/DeathWing hybrid who can read minds.

She is one of the Deuteragonists of Faded.


Firefly Night is a pale lavender dragon with deep purple underbelly and tail. She has a white DeathWing mask and NightWing scales under her wings. She is described to have red eyes.

Her coloring is similar to those of a mewtwo.


Most DeathWings tend to hate NightWings, but one day Firefly's mother Butterfly Meadow found Soulcatcher washed up on the beaches of Nettle Isle. She fell in love with him at first sight.

But the Lady of the DeathWings was angry at Butterfly Meadow. Butterfly Meadow agreed to fled the DeathWing kingdom and ventured to the Rainforest, where they met Python and Rainer, Brightness's and Fade's mothers. Butterfly had their egg while they escaped, and Firefly hatched one day under one full moon a year before Fade hatched, in the same nest on a cliff. Fireflies danced in the sky that night, so Butterfly Meadow named her daughter Firefly Night.

Butterfly Meadow decided to school Firefly, but saw that the enrollment was full. They found Sunny and Starflight and asked them to give Firefly Night one more spot in the aquamarine winglet. They agreed after seeing Firefly Night's unnatrual abilities and thinks that Fade needs a friend like her.

~I've been painting every fence I know
~Every color bleeds into the same
~But before you go and walk away
~Yeah you better know where you're going!


Firefly Night became good friends with Fade right after they saw each other. She remains loyal to her group, often helping them hide away from danger with her mind reading abilities.

She still games in an online platform called Dash Tag under a username called F9.



Firefly Night likes her best friend very much. She often helps her on improving her visions. Firefly Night's parents delivered their first kiss just like Fade and Superultra. Firefly thinks that it's a coincidence.


Firefly Night has a crush on Sine the day they met. Although she never told anyone, Fade and Superultra had already figured this out. She often goes to the Ice Kingdom to visit Sine's family, even though Princess Snowdrift, Sine's mother, hates her.


Firefly Night likes her clawmate, but thinks that she's overly sarcastic. She wishes to change rooms so she could be together with Fade, but Swiftlet and Brightness dislikes it when she reads their minds. Neverless, Firefly still accepts Waverly as a good friend.


Firefly appreciate Superultra's skills, especially when she found out that he was once her idol. Superultra plays the same game as Firefly and beats her every time. Firefly wants to study with him.


  • The two ships Firefly Night x Sine and Fade x Superultra have the same initials: FS.
  • Firefly Night and Fadedwalker have many things in common such as:
    • They both have NightWing abilities and both are hybrids
    • Both dragonets are born under one full moon in the same nest.
    • Their elemental attributes are Psychic.
    • They both have Pokemon Theme animals.
  • Firefly Night seems to be a Dragon-fied Whajje (Luna's main OC) Because Whajje's a Mewtwo Y and her theme song is also Nevada.
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