Female | Firefly | SeaWings/SilkWings/NightWings | Former student of the JMA

Creator StVelociraptor
Infobox Myself
Aliases Nope.
Attribute Anger
Element Water
Color Blue
Animal Shark
Song No
Age Four
Gender Female
Orientation No
Occupation Student
Tribe SeaWing/NightWing/SilkWing
Goal Doesn't have one.
Residence Cove in the Sea Kingdom
Relatives No
Allies HA funny joke!
Enemies Every freaking person who was ever alive.
Likes Being alone, strawberries, writing
Dislikes ORANGES. LIQUID MEDICINE. EVERYONE. Being sticky/dirty/uncomfortable, rain, mud, the mere existence of other dragons.
Powers Nothing out of the ordinary.
Weapons A small dagger.
Love Interests Nobody
Quote "Go away."

Ebony scales that change from a range of greens to blues to purples in indirect light. The teardrop shaped scales on her neck and by her eyes glow at will, as do the starry silver scales on her two pairs of wings. Her underbelly is a pearlescent white and her eyes are a stunning orangish-yellow, like the scales of a goldfish. She has the telltale SilkWing antennae and her overall structure is small and slender. Her hindwings are stunted and she has cerebral hypoplasia--she's wobbly. She has four gills on either side of her neck and she lacks the webbing on her back claws.

Firefly is many things and simple would not be one of them.

And not in a good way.

She's rude, blunt, outspoken, easily-irritated, capricious, and absent-minded. She loves to talk, yet gets upset when anyone else tries to speak. She's annoyed with others for not paying attention, yet she's be staring out the window daydreaming for hours. She snaps at authority and hates being told what to do, despite bossing around other dragonets all the time. On the flip side, she believes in loyalty to her friends and family and is incredibly protective over them. She can be affectionate at times and she always tries to be a supportive friend.

Firefly cannot breathe fire nor can she breathe/swim underwater very well. Even walking around she has trouble with her cerebral hypoplasia getting in the way. Her tail is not thick enough to create huge waves and with her stunted hind wings, she's not exactly the best flier either. She can, however, spin a glowing silk, but aside from lighting up dark areas, this is of not much use. She can sense the environment around her with her antennae.

It was her difficult personality that drove her parents mad. Growing up, she lived in the Night Village until her mother decided it would be a good idea to pack up their things and move to a small cove in the Sea Kingdom. Later on, she got her letter for the JMA, only to be kicked out three months later for her attitude and aggressive tendencies.





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