Background Information

It is 15 years after Darkstalker was turned into Peacemaker. Some has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. For starters, hybrids are now almost as common as NightWings, (which are still the smallest tribe, but only by a little.) Because of this, winglets in schools now have eight students instead of seven; all of the Pyrrhian tribes, and a hybrid. Pantalan tribes sometimes do exchanges, but mostly stay separate from Pyrrhia. New schools have been popping up. Mindreading and future-seeing NightWings are commonplace, now that they have been living in the Rainforest for one to two generations. Because of this, students at schools are now all given Skyfire. One more thing: after Winter requested (and got) a bracelet that allowed him to communicate with scavengers from Turtle, he discovered their day-names system, and adopted it for school schedules. New schools have been popping up as well.

Schools (feel free to add)

Jade Mountain (and canon characters):

The no-eating-scavengers policy in the prey canter has been strictly enforced. Moonwatcher and Qibli have returned from the Lost Continent (not really lost anymore) to teach at Jade Mountain. Winter lives a  somewhat busy life, both helping to manage Sanctuary and teaching at Jade Mountain. Sunny has become the self-appointed school councilor, and Peril still lives at Jade Mountain. There are now electives at Jade Mountain as well. 

Elective options:

  • Art 
  • Music 
  • Flying practice 
  • Hunting practice 
  • Other-Tribe Studies 
  • Extra Reading 
  • Herbs and Healing 
  •  Scavenger Studies 
  • Suntime 
  • Dorm time

Tribe-Specific Studies:

  • Aquatic for SeaWings 
  • Venom Shooting for RainWings 
  • NightWing Power Control for Moonborn NightWings 
  • Barb/Fire Control for SandWings 
  • Fire Control for SkyWings and non-moonborn NightWings 
  • Sib Coordination for MudWings 
  • Frostbreath Control for IceWings
  • Hybrids go to whichever class they feel is most useful to them based on their known abilities

Other Required Classes:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading/Writing 
  • Science 
  • Group Discussion Class 
  • Basic Flying/Fitness 
  • History 

Days are split up into thirds. The last third of each day is elective of choice. Saturday and Sunday are exploring days, they are non-school days.

Students (feel free to add)

Jade Mountain:









Teachers/Principals (feel free to add)

Jade Mountain:

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