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Ok, so I want to point out that I know that SilkWings cannot be black. I am just making Festoon an original character, so I'm just making him unique. He is based off of the southern festoon, so he is black just like the southern festoon. Tui might make some black SilkWings in the future, but I'm just making Festoon unique.
Festoon is a male SilkWing that appears in NightWing and the Blade of Light who originally was a visitor in Hoshido, where he met Mikoto, becoming her retainer and a Hoshidan healer. He is extremely loyal to Lucina, Mikoto's daughter and Corrin's half sister, Mikoto, Ryoma, Corrin's older half brother, and Corrin, Mikoto's son. He will reappear in Revelation.


Festoon is shown to be a very loyal individual that loves to support others. When Mikoto was killed in the dimension, he mourned for quite awhile. When he saw Mikoto return, he was happy again. He also loves to decorate things, certainly with flowers. He also likes to play tricks, even though he is mostly beaten.


"Festoon" has a couple different meanings. One of them is actually the name of a butterfly species, the southern festoon, referencing how Festoon is a SilkWing. Another one is to decorate a place with garlands, ribbons, etc, referencing how Festoon loves to decorate.

Fanfiction appearances

NightWing and the Blade of Light

Festoon was a SilkWing that was first found by Hoshidans who were visiting Pantala in the past, where they didn't know it actually was Pantala, but they called it "some distant land". There, they discovered Festoon, injured, and they decided to take him back to Hoshido. There, he became a servant to the Hoshidan royals, certainly to Mikoto. He serves a Hoshidan commander and healer and according to Princess Sakura, is Sakura's role model as a great healer.


Sunset: Thinks of her as a nice firescales dragon. Maybe he could be best friends with her someday.


"Can I teach you a trick?" -Festoon when he first met Mikoto. "Argh, you beat me again! You're so clever! Very clever, Your Majesty." -Festoon to Mikoto.


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