Hello! Introducing, my FAVORITE Wings of Fire fanfiction character: Fern! All credit to me (and Tui Sutherland for making the books!) DO NOT STEAL!


Age: 5

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bi

Tribe(s): LeafWings


Fern has dark rainforest green scales, dotted with lime green, pale brown, and golden scales. Her eyes are dark oak brown with golden flecks in them. She is quite small, smaller than most dragons, though very long-legged. Her claws are sharp and long, which she uses for climbing trees and battling, and her tail is also long, with a large leaf-blade. 


Fern is very good with herbs, and can easily grow them. She also is a biokinetic, having control over plants, and can kind of "speak" to them. She often uses wrist glands to sprout ivy from them, a rare talent. Can release poison by biting with fangs. Great at throwing knives.


Fern is very stubborn and speaks for herself, though can easily be emotionally harmed. Other tribes often call her "mentally unstable", since she'll have random breakdowns and sometimes go crazy due to her unknown past. 


Has many body pouches made of  tough, waterproof leaves woven into neat compartments. Wears two pairs of earrings.


Chest Pouch:

Holds many herbs, flowers, berries, and jarred insects. Most commonly used pouch.

Neck(lace) Pouch:

Goes around neck. Hold lockpick file pouch, which contains different picks and some unpickable locks, Nightshade, a deadly pill carried if captured, and an emergency knife.

Stomach Pouch:

Pouch further down on belly, connected to Chest pouch. Holds scrolls, slates, books, quills, and ink pots.

Back(pack) Pouch:

On top of body. Holds a large stack of curved knifes, daggers, and her most commonly used weapons, two flip out swords.

Arrow Holder:

Woven of tight dried grass with latched on lid. Contains a large quiver of poison tipped arrows, and fold-up crossbows. Used for shooting down dragons.

Leg Pouch(es):

Falls down from Stomch Pouch. Right holds money. Left holds bottled poisons.

Arm Pouch(es): 

Falls down from Chest Pouch. Right holds more bottled poisons. Left holds specifically poisonous plants and insects

Tail Pouch:

Thin, secret, emergency pouch used if captued. Holds two Nightshade pills, one lockpick, one file, and two small knives.



The never-mentioned mom of Fern. Spy for LeafWings


Father of Fern. Died in Tree Wars. Assassin for LeafWings


Older brother. Often annoys Fern. Spy for LeafWings



Fern's crush. Assassin for LeafWings. They get along nicely, but sometimes quarrel, but soon forget it.

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