"I don’t care about you nor your ‘free will to leave’. All I care about is that you obey me!"
- To Seal


Fang looks like the average Icewing and is heavyset. He has whiter than white scales, with gray patches all over his body. His back is grey and his eyes are bright blue Sharp fangs that almost stick out of his mouth that are pure white, contrasting the dark grey underwings. Fang has several scars across his body from his past that often cause most dragons to avoid him. Fang is a rather tall dragon, using his height to scare most dragons into leaving him alone. The creepiest thing about him is that he rarely moves when talking, only his mouth really moving. Fang has still, unblinking eyes that are set deep into his skull. Fang has sharp, clean claws that are his pride and joy, along with perfectly white spines and horns.


Fang is very secretive and will attack any dragon without hesitation. Most dragons overall interpretation of him is that he is very dark and brooding, with a dark sense of humor. Fang doesn't like to talk about his past, and when he does it is usually "Go away, my past is none of your business". Fang doesn't care about Seal too much, the only reason he didn't strangle Seal before this moment is because he thinks that Seal would be useful to the...cause. Fang is a little resentful of his leader, thinking that he should be leader instead.






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