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Fallow is a young female MudWing and SkyWing hybrid. She was abandoned near Diamond Spray Delta when her parents died in a fight and joined Bistre and Ecru's Unsib group for MudWings, as she prefers MudWings more than SkyWings.


Fallow is a hybrid dragon so she is different from most MudWings. She has larger SkyWing-like wings and her horns are SkyWing. She is skinny than MudWings and not as strong. Otherwise, she is mostly MudWing.


Due to her MudWing and SkyWing hybrid, she has large wings so she flies much faster than typical MudWings. She can also breathe fire without needing to warm up - a SkyWing ability.


Funny, kind but clumsy, Fallow will always be willing to help. She doesn't mind if she fails - there's always next time! Fallow is clumsy and often trips over things and messing things up, which is why she couldn't pass as a healer for MudWings.



Fallow had a SkyWing father and a MudWing mother. She was born at the SkyWing hatchery, but when her father saw how she looked, he immediately flew her to the MudWings, as he knew Scarlet would kill her as soon as possible. Her MudWing mother nursed her until she was three years old then at war, both first her mother was killed in a SeaWing attack and then her father died in an IceWing attack. Fortunately Fallow was old enough then to look after herself before then meeting Bistre and Ecru. The three then fought for the last 2 years of the War of SandWing Succession.

Now that war is over, Fallow trains young MudWings on how to fight and fend for themselves.



Fallow and her best friend, Bistre, had always got along well. They seemed to understand each other and Fallow knows that she understands Bistre much more than Bistre's brother, Ecru. They treat each other like sisters and Bistre was the reason why Fallow could join their Unsibs group.


The two hardly know each other so they don't often speak but when help really is needed, Fallow would help Bistre first - then Ecru.

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