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Fallen Angel is a dragon that you would run away from at first glance.

He is a dark ash gray, covered with black spikes. And on those spikes are dashes of blood red, so bright you would imagine it would glow. Of course, it doesn't, he's not part SeaWing.

His transitional scales fade from red to orange to yellow, and back again. On each of these scales lies a horn pricking up, ready to spike anyone who doesn't notice.

Being part DeathWing, Angel has a black bone mask and some bones are visible. His mask has strange red circle markings near his eye hole. You can tell where his bones are by the faint orange markings that plague his scales.

Has exoskeleton back legs since he got paralyzed. Intimidating and scary look.


Fallen Angel looks intimidating but he is the exact opposite of it. He is friendly but most dragons fly away in fear when they look at him. When he smiles, it looks like he's going to kill someone. He feels lonely most of the time because of this. He can scare others, but can get frighted easily by a sudden action.


Before the fallout, he was a street performer. He dances in front of crowds and earns the money they give him. He was devastated when he got paralyzed during the fallout.

When the fallout happened, he left the city he called home. He is a fallout wanderer, helping who he can, and collecting supplies for dragons who need it. One night, in an over grown building, he helped a lone Nightwing escape from a Skywing hunter that wanted to kill the Nightwing. He lead the Nightwing to the roof of the building, where they can then fly down and away from the killer Skywing. Unfortunately, Fallen Angel got his wings tangled in vines and fell of the building, hitting the ground with his legs, and paralyzing them. The Skywing thought he was dead, and left.

When the Skywing was gone, Angel got the vines off of him, and flew with broken legs, and couldn't feel them. He managed to find a Rainwing doctor and a Flamewing engineer to help him out. The Rainwing told him his legs were paralyzed, and the Flamewing built him exoskeleton legs. The two dragons also re-taught him how to walk and fly normally.

He uses a basic pistol, a sword, and a shotgun as weapons for the Fallout.


He is strong, smart, and excepting. He rarely can spark, which is something he needs to work on. He can be slow and frighted though.



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