I am the hunter, I am the great unknown

Only my love can conquer

“Outta my way before you get the claws.”


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I am the, I am the hunter

I am the hunter, into the wild we go

“They don’t call me Claws of Lightning for nothin!”



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She may seem like a normal Spark, but I assure you she isn’t.

Give up your heart, surrender

‘Cause I am the, I am the hunter

Background Information
Creator Diggertheleopardgecko
Infobox Artist none
Aliases Falcon, FC, Claws of Lightning
Main Attribute n/a
Elemental Attribute Lightning
Theme Animal Cobra
Theme Color Lightning blue
Theme Song “Hunter“- By Galantis
Hostility Level text here
Character Information
Age 24
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student
Tribe TempestWings
Goal n/a
Residence Stormtouch
Relatives Rose Quartz- mother

Eagle’s Talon- father

Midnight’s Flight- older brother

Shadesummoner- twin brother

Allies Goldenbreeze, Moonshade, Nightsong, Artemis, etc.
Enemies Nightshade
Likes Foxfang, the smell of tea tree oil, The Anti-Nightshade Rebellion
Dislikes Nightshade
Powers and abilities Spark, normal TempestWing abilities(faint storm sense)
Weaknesses text here
Weapons Spark abilities
Ships Foxcatcher (Foxfang)
Quote “I’m not a sensitive flower!”

“Quit calling me a devilbeast! You ignorant (tribe)!”



Falcon has a normal TempestWing spark design, including feathered wings.

Speaking of wings, her converts and scapulars are midnight-black. Her primaries and secondaries are the same, but she dyes them with a few streaks of aquamarine blue. Her primary and secondary coverts are dark black-grey.

Her scales are ebony-black, black as night. She occasionally puts tiny flecks of white paint on them to resemble stars. Her underscales are the same color as her coverts. She has three white triangles on her horns.

Her transitional scales are a green color (#00FF00), but glow when she uses her powers. The glowing color is a yellow-green (#99FF00). She dyes her spines the same yellow-green. She has mint green eyes and her eye stripes are green (#00FF00).

Text here

We’ve been on this road

To a place that one day we’ll know

“Quit comparing me to a lazy RainWing! ‘Cause I’m not!”

-Young Falconcatcher


She was made fun of, so she doesn’t usually trust anyone.
She is mostly cold and calculating, but she doesn’t have that much of a soft spot. To most, Falcon seems odd. Half the Tempest tribe see her as cunning and witty, while the other half sees her as a potential friend. She isn’t all that famous, just a lone hunter. She does want friends, but she doesn’t know how to get them. She usually ends up messing up or stumbling over her words when she talks, and for that she gets flustered. She has more of a jaded personality than most, and keeps up a tough shell when she gets talked to. If you try hard enough, you will see she seems weak and insecure. She doesn’t want anyone to know her past and her parents. This is part of the reason why she acts rude and mean, but that’s only to defend herself. She‘s scared that others may find out about her and who she truly is, and that is the reason for her mean personality. The reason why she is so jaded is mostly because of her keeping up her outer demeanor; not wanting anyone to find out she’s really a weak dragonet.

She was trained by her parents to control her spark abilities. She wasn’t as hardly trained than the two royal twins, but she worked hard. She only uses her powers when she’s calm. This is to keep her enemies surprised. She was trained with hightened senses, but this was only after she ran from her parents.

Adventure to the other side

Searching, high and low, for the treasure deep in your soul, the fortune teller’s always right

“Foxfang, you armadillo coward.”



Falconcatcher doesn't remember much, but she remembers smelling smoke and burning feathers.
Falcon was born to two parents, and she had an older brother and a twin brother. She was trained from her birth to control her powers. At the age of 7, she finally learned to control them. She still couldn’t be trusted, so her parents abandoned her, for they favored her brothers more. Alone and confused, she tried to get back to them, drawn by a sense. During this process, she nearly drowned. She believes her brother saved her. When she got back to home nest, she was shocked. Her cave was on fire and her parents were dead. She hid, watching, until she saw a trio of NightWings raiding the nest. She felt a odd twinge, and a shot of lightning flew out of her talons. It hit the lead dragon in the chest, while the others flew away.

Midnight’s Flight have her to a adoptive family (names added soon). They weren’t the nicest however. She went to school to leave them. There, she met Foxfang and Kestrel. They helped to support her, and she even had feelings for the DriftWing. She moved to Stormtouch.


Got them red eyes in the night, like a panther, outta sight

Gonna sing my battle cry, ‘Cause I am the, I am the, I am the

“You dare to race me?”



Normal TempestWing powers: FC has a faint storm sense that picks up only on light drizzles. She was gifted (cursed?) with spark powers that are fully controlled.

Close Combat: FC is extremely skilled in close combat, and she uses her powers, claws, and wings. She was trained to use her surroundings to her advantage. She aims for aware of her surroundings, so she can step and feel the vibrations of everything around her.the eyes, neck, or wings. The eyes so she can blind them, the neck for the windpipe, and the wings to send them tumbling out of the air.

Spark Powers: She has these powers and knows how to control them.

Strangers, wild and free; through the flames you’re all that I see; A force you, that you can’t deny

Hear my calling; Lock and load come running to me; Dancing through the midnight

“Didn’t you hear me?! I said leave me alone!”



Goldenbreeze: GB was FC's first friend in a long time. They are extremely close, so Falcon was extremely upset over her death.

Artemis: Even though Falcon seems to hate her, they're actually good friends.

Emerald and Darkeye: Same as Artemis

Moonshade: Falcon hates this NightWing.

Mamba: Surprisingly, this is Falcon's only RainWing friend.

Midnight's Flight: MF would protect FC. They are siblings, meaning they have little scuffles.


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  • Her original name was going to be Singing Brook.
  • She was a declined request from NightStrike’s TempestWiby royalty thread, so I simply changed her appearance and things like that.
  • She owns a pet German Shepherd named Harrison.
  • She has PTSD from when her home nest was attacked






Falconcatcher drawn by DragonflyWarrior12



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