- aparajita by xi

- fracture ray by sakuzyo

- furioso melodia by gmtn

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hhh redo this


there's her aesthetic bwahaha

now part of my namesake, i never realized she has this potential-

she'll be a witchy gal >:) has these strange powers that is definitely NOT animus magic, doesn't know where it comes from either hmm

light is her other half, and almost complete opposites

she is the more pessimistic and serious side, not the sociable one, definitely. what she represents include but is not limited to secretiveness, an affinity for magic, talents, truths, logic, individuality, cautiousness, courage and philosophy

most likely exiled from her tribe because she just... gave off a weird vibe? they often associated her with bad luck, black cats, ravens etc. all of which she adores. even her parents actively played a part in sending her off. she didn't mind. fairy was given a lot of money and stuff so she just set off on her own. she strayed away from where most dragons lived, and she felt a lot of strange connections to... somewhat otherworldly energies. all the land animals were drawn to her and she to them, so she didn't eat them anyway.

she can feel the essence of most living things, especially when she was surrounded by nature. and she loved it?? the moment she got cut off from the natural surroundings she'll feel sick and unmotivated. there was this one time she stumbled upon this large tree which energy seemed to call to her, and somehow her powers manifest very naturally to her and she managed to create a little cottage that was built into the large tree. she now stays there and works on her abilities, proud to call herself some kind of witch. soon found that when her powers grow she could sort of communicate with animals and plants, which leads to her being protective of them and vice versa. she makes occasional trips out of her secluded home (which she then enchanted to make sure no normal dragon could pass through) to buy herself more supplies and stuff. other than that she didn't stumble upon anyone. nope

i don't know her tribe yet hh, probably a seawing

immensely gay and embraces it. though she wouldn't go screaming it from a mountain. well technically she lives in the mountains.

and of course she is gay for the one who seems like her polar opposite

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