Dragon Model
Background Information
Creator Articuna
Main Attribute Protectiveness
Elemental Attribute Dirty ice
Theme Animal Fairburn agate
Theme Color Brown bands
Theme Song none yet
MBTI Personality ESTP-A
Character Information
Age 17
Gender female
Orientation straight
Occupation Royal guard
Tribe Icewing, mudwing
Goal to be the best she can
Residence Skywing kingdom, sandwing palace
Relatives Ebony, glass,
Allies Queen scarab, royal guards, Islingr
Enemies everyone who crosses the queen
Likes BAttle, saftey, royal guardness
Dislikes Panhandlers, theives, stupids
Powers and abilities Frostbreath
Weapons Frostbreath, claws, tail, strength/speed
Ships none, really
Quote "i can't. I'm sorry, I just can't"


Fairburn has alternating light brown and dark brown stripes in a variety of shades. However, she does have some light cerulean stripes here and there. She has a deep chest and a small form. her legs are long, and she has sharp claws that look too big for her talons. Her wings are normal sized, Her tail long and thin. her scales are large and pointy, all Except on her snout.  Fairburn's eyes are a whitish color with flecks of brown.

Fairburn is contemptuous and a gossip. She is hard to please, but fairly gentle. She is the one who will give you mercy, but she is also very tricky. You'll have to talk Fairburn out of killing you. She is feircly protective, and doesn't care if you mean good. Nobody comes close to her or her sibs. In the Sunlands universe, she is a royal guard for Queen Scarab.


Fairburn has a weak frostbreath that only works when she is very cold. after using her breath weapon, she is very wheezy and out of breath. She is lean and fast, but not as strong as the rest of her siblings.

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