"Thanks for killing that #$@*%."
~ Faerie to Vi

Creator Yumspaghettiyum
Coding Captain
Background Information
Main Attribute Kind
Elemental Attribute Light
Theme Animal Butterfly
Theme Color White
Theme Song Sit Still Look Pretty (By Daya)
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual/panromantic
Occupation Student at the Academy for the Unnatural
Tribe SilkWing
Goal Vi
Residence Academy for the Unnatural
Relatives Unknown
Allies Vi
Enemies None
Likes Vi,_light,_honesty,_friendship
Dislikes Sadness, envy
Powers and abilities Animus- The only SilkWing animus
Weapons Her enchanted bow
Love Interests Vi
Ships Faevi/Faervi
Quote "I love you, Vi. And I know you love me, too."

"Whoever you are is perfect."
~ Faerie to Vi


Faerie’s scales are a beautiful white, with blue and purple and pink wingtips and tints all over her body.

Faerie is graceful, and known for her kindness and cleverness... and flirty-ness. She used to flirt with everybody she met, until she found Vi, knowing that she was at her last stop.

Her horns are also white, and go straight back. Her antennae and a light purple, with pink at the start and blue at the top, where it's curled.

Her talons are a light pink, with silver tips. They are gentle, but can be ferocious when she fights.

"Life is hard..."
~ Faerie, to herself


Faerie is known for her kindness. She always tries to help, and is very selfless. She is motivational and encouraging. Faerie is completely in love with Vi, and is preparing the right proposal.
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