This cute Alan Walker fangirl is the main sona of LunaTFoxy. Other ppl stay away. If you use her without Luna's permission, then GET READY to BE DELETED by CHARA! Or get nuked. It doesn't matter.
Fadewalker redesign final by foger3-dcok03r
Artist LunaTFoxy (PerilPlayz)
Background Information
Creator LunaTFoxy (PerilPlayz)
Main Attribute Walkerz
Elemental Attribute Psychic
Theme Color Violet
Theme Song Faded by Alan Walker (normal)

Spectre (spectral)

MBTI Personality ISFP
Mother Rainer
Father Umbreon 
Half Sister Brightness
Stepmother Python
Crush Superultra
Character Information
Age 7
Gender Female
Orientation S
Occupation Student/Artist
Tribe NightWing/RainWing
Nicknames Fade, Faded
Residence Jade Mountain
Allies NightWings and RainWings, Aquamarine Winglet
Enemies Public speaking 
Likes Reading, Archery, Superultra
Dislikes Stage Performance 
Powers and Abilities 50% correct visions, "Spectral Fade"
Weapons Amethyst Bow and Arrows 
Ships Fadedultra (Fade+Superultra)
Quote "Flight or Fade."

~eternal silence of the sea
I'm breathing
Fadedwalker, or Fade, is a female NightWing-RainWing hybrid. She is the main sona of Whajje on Deviantart (LunaTFoxy). The picture name is missing a d.

She belongs to the Aquamarine Winglet in Jade Mountain Academy.

She is the Protagonist of Faded.


Fade is mainly purple and black. She has 2 NightWing horns, 2 RainWing horns and a RainWing ruff, much like how Espeon has 4 ears, although she does not have a split tail like the Espeon. She has silver NightWing scales on her black under wings like scattered stars.

In her spectral form though...she is the same color all over: pale transparent lilac. Even her pupils are gone.

Don't remind me,
I'm a chickadee in love with the sky.
But that's clearly not a lot to crow about.
'Cause when the stars silhouette me,
I'm scared they'll forget me and flicker out.

Some JA art I made. - Luna


Fade belongs to the Aquamarine Winglet in Jade Mountain Academy along with her half-sister Brightness and her boyfriend Superultra.

Aquamarine Winglet

IceWing: Prince Sine

MudWing: No MudWing

NightWing: Fadedwalker

RainWing: Superultra

SandWing: Brightness

SeaWing: Waverly (Wavy)

SkyWing: Swiftlet

Transfer Student (DeathWing/NightWing): Firefly Night


Fade's 2 clawmates are Brightness and Swiftlet.

Brightness prefers to sleep on the moss bed.

Swiftlet likes the stone ledge.

So Fade has the the RainWing hammock. She likes it pretty much.


Flamethrower the SkyWing is the bad-tempered battle training teacher.


~Under the bright but faded night
You set my heart on fire
~Where are you now?
Where are you now...
Fade's father is a Nightwing named Umbreon.

Her mother is a Rainwing named Rainer.

Her half-sister is Brightness the Sand/Night dragon.

Brightness's mother is Python the Sandwing.

She is best friends with Firefly Night, the 8th student of the Aquamarine Winglet.

She is currently in love with Superultra, a LeafWing-RainWing hybrid and the RainWing of Aquamarine Winglet.



Fade is very shy to outsiders compared to other dragons. She also has terrible stage fright, getting the jitters every time she performed. She changed the word "fight or flight" to "flight or fade", meaning both her name and her shyness.


But when her friends are threatened by powerful foes, Fade would do anything to save them, except for fighting though... Fade just uses her other form to distract the attackers away, for they do no harm to her. She tries the best she can.



She was born under 1 full moon, but because she is a hybrid, she has 2 powers.

NightWing Power

She could see the future, but her visions were only 50% correct. At night, however, her visions became 75% correct, then resets to 50% when dawn rises. But her visions almost (never) come to her, so she pretends she doesn't have them.

RainWing Power

Fade's second power belongs to her RainWing side: turning into a transparent pale lilac spirit "Spectral Fade". She uses her second ability way more than her first one, hence she often hides away.

Spectral Fade can see and talk to ghosts and spirits. But no normal dragon could hear her talk.

When Fade gets stressed, she almost always gets "The Jitters", where parts of her flicker between Spectral form and normal form. The jitters last for a few minutes, and nobody notices them because they don't care.


  • Fadedwalker's name is a mix of Alan Walker and his famous song Faded. Her creator, Luna, is revealed to be a megafan of Alan Walker, and is his official Walker #16460.
  • Both Fade and her father have their theme animals based on Pokemon: Espeon and Umbreon.
  • If Fade is a Pokemon, she would almost certaintly be a ghost / psychic type.
  • The font is Comic Sans because LunaTFoxy always does C++ with this font. She also loves both Comics and Sans! *Megalovania Feralovania plays in background*
  • Fade is going to be featured in The Traitor of Ice series.
  • Fade is featured in The silver bracelets: 1, the start of a possible end.
    • Although her Winglet and role are slightly different from in Faded.
  • She beat the game Walker Excavations as soon as it came out (with help from Superultra, of course).



Fade is currently in love with Superultra. Although Waverly and Swiftlet love to make rhymes about them, Fade doesn't mind it all. She is ready to do anything for him.

Firefly Night

Fade and Firefly Night are best friends forever. They hatched on the same cliff in the same nest, but Firefly hatched one year early. They study together.


Fade and Dreaming are good friends.


Fade thinks that her half-sister is overprotective, but she likes her.


Fade is aware of the SkyWing.


Fade is concerned about Firefly and Sine's relationship. She is worried that Firefly might not keep up with Sine because she has very very very bad math.


Fade thinks that Waverly is annoying.


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