He is wiry, but agile. He has a narrow snout and wings that are slightly smaller than most TempestWing wings. His horns are short and straight. His talons are long and curved.

He has dark green top scales and medium stone gray underscales. His horns are white, fading to a gold color on the ends. His transitional scales are also golden. His claws are white and do the same gold fading as his horns, as do his wing spikes. The spikes along his back are jet black, with a slight brownish tint. His wing membranes are a dark navy blue. He has few markings, only a few long stripes dot the bottom part of his wing, and one stripe around each of his legs. Three stripes encircle his tail, and one across his face. The markings are bright honey yellow.

He is covered in scratc marks. Mostly on his legs and tail. One large scar stretches across his neck.


He is naturally curious about pretty much everything, especially Psychology. He is insane, but doesn’t show it much, except for random moments when he slips. He is usually kind of “zen” and chill. Whenever he gets mad he usually just breathes deeply and gives a lecture. If he is REALLY mad he attacks, and sometimes kills, the dragon he is mad at. He is actually quite smart, and almost always thinks of all the possibilities and options. He reacts fast, and can be pretty jumpy at times. He is also stubborn and illogical.


He was born with a hatched enhanced sense in hearing. He heard almost everything. He could hear through walls, and even entire cities. He was driven mad from all the sound. He soon started getting called Fēng and the name kinda stuck, and he starteng going by Fēng. At the age of three he killed a dragon in his madness because it called him a freak. He was banished from the Tempest Kingdom. He left to SkyWing territory and attacked a patrol of SkyWings. He was arrested by queen Scarlet and put in her arena. After winning fifteen fights he managed to escape when a large squadron of IceWings attacked. He made the Home of the Lost to try to prevent anyone suffering as he did, be it mental or physical. Thing is, he’s insane, so he kind of captured dragons and imprisoned them there.

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