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Everglade is a large, medium-built, thick-scaled brown female dragon with gold underscales, and dark brown eyes. Her head is large and flat, and her nostrils rest at the top of her snout.


Everglade has a distinct hatred for IceWings stemming from a battle which killed her brother, the only male of their sib group, who she was very close to. She has hated them ever since, and has shown this multiple times, showing a distinct dislike for Mire's interest in Tundra. However, she is a loving, caring, and protective mother, and greatly adores her mate, Rust (MW). She also doesn't like how MudWings choose mates and raise their children.


Everglade, like other MudWings, can breathe fire if her body temperature is hot enough, can hold her breath for up to an hour, has excellent camouflage, and is very strong. She, unlike her daughter, Sediment, didn't hatch from a blood-red egg, and, therefore, isn't immune to extreme heat, fire, and doesn't heal quickly after being burned.


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  • "Everglade" is a term for "a marshy tract of land that is mostly under water and covered with tall grass".
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