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Evanescence means vanishing or vaporizing. Her nickname is Eva. Pronounced Eh-va


So Eva looks like a MudWing just mutated a bit. She has the body, scales, face, and wing shape/wingspan as a MudWing.

But the horns, claws, scale color (a bit), and the poisonous bite like a NightWing.

Her coloring is a bit weird. She has dark brown all over her body, her wind membrane is a little darker with light brown spots that look like stars.

When Eva was mutated it had a small malfunction, (since she was one of the first three to be mutated), her tailtip is a little crooked and some of her claws are weirdly shaped.

Back Story

Eva (Evanescence) was a BigWing at the time, she had three younger brothers and two younger sisters.

Her brothers, and sisters names she can't remember. She can't even remember what her name was before she was mutated.

One day her brothers and sisters and her went out to go hunting. They were on the border of the SkyWing territories, when without realizing it all her brothers and sisters crossed the border and wandered into their territory. Long story short they met a border/hunting patrol, they got into a fight with the family and only three lived. Eva, and two SkyWings.

Since she was the only one left she gave her life and volunteered at IP.

(Her Family's Ages When They Died)

Brother One- 10

Brother Two- 7

Brother Three- 5

Sister One- 9

Sister Two- 7

Eva- 16

A few things about her

Eva is a subject at IPHQ. She is one of the main three subjects, meaning she is a more knowledgeable about IP student because of being one of the first three. (No. She is NOT a Mary Sue.)

Her bedroom is mainly decorated in cool findings from the outside world. She likes to keep anything from shells to bones. She has weavings and paintings around her bed and paintings on her walls.


Were Never Who We Say We Are

But other than that, none!

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