Background Information
Creator Dark!
Main Attribute Energy!
Elemental Attribute Energy...?
Theme Animal Crocodile
Theme Color Doesn't have one!
Theme Song Too many songs to list one!
MBTI Personality ISTP-T
Character Information
Age Six
Gender Female
Occupation Explorer!
Tribe NightWing/RainWing/SilkWing
Goal See all of Pyrrhia and Pantala!
Residence Hut in the Rainforest Kingdom!
Relatives Venezuela (mother), Mantis (father)
Allies Fae, Foramina, Saguaro
Enemies Fae
Likes Hanging out with her friends, singing, writing, reading, drawing, eating
Dislikes Rude dragons, being uncomfortable, mushrooms, celery, oranges
Powers and abilities Can change patches of her scales, spit a weak hemotoxic venom
Weapons None
Ships Fae/Era, Saguaro/Era
Quote "Why is everyone looking at me? Stop that! That's such a weird thing to do!"

Era and her coding belongs ENTIRELY to Darkdragon2670 (also known as Dark), so please do not steal and ask Dark before making any edits. (That includes adding categories, because sometimes that screws up the code.)


- Era
Multichromatic green-blue-purple scales with a dark undertone. Her underbelly is solid black with silver speckles. She has large tearing-like patches on her scales that are solid black and change with her mood. She has two pairs of wings, though her forewings are properly developed, her hind wings are not.


Era can change the patches of her scales that are not a solid black and she can spit a weak hemotoxic venom. Occasionally, she can sneeze fire. (Most of the time, it's just a puff of smoke.)

Personality & Traits

Era can be very irritating. She never seems to shut up and rambles on and on, laughs at nearly everything, and would lose spectacularly in a fight against a cactus. She's ridiculously clumsy as well. She tends to be kind towards everyone and doesn't mind when others insult her. She does have a rather explosive personality, but she tries to adjust herself based on the mood of others. She does not become a snappish dragoness easily, and when she does, she can remain in that mood for a long time.





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