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SilkWing for Jellybean
Background Information
Creator JellybeanDragon67
Main Attribute Her Kindness
Elemental Attribute Nature
Theme Animal Purple Admiral
Theme Color Black/Purple
Theme Song Ben Platt - "Grow As We Go"
Character Information
Age 23 (human years)
Gender Female
Occupation Artist, Princess
Tribe Silkwing
Goal To earn more rights for Silkwings
Residence Wasp Hive
Relatives Queen Monarch (distance relative)
Allies Emperor (mate)
Enemies Queen Wasp (at times)
Likes Art, children
Dislikes Evil Hivewings
Powers and abilities Silkwing abilities
Weapons Her sharp mind and quick thinking
Ships Empowered (Empress x Emperor)
Quote “Why can’t the Hivewings understand that Clearsight wanted us to be equal?” Empress

"You are the one and only Silkwing I will ever love!"
~ To her mate, Emperor

Empress is an elegant and beautiful Silkwing. Her main scales are black. WIP

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